Does Anyone Want to have a Private Roleplay?

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  1. Hello fellow roleplayers!

    I'm looking for one person who'd like to have a private roleplay that involves romance in the medieval times. Your roleplaying level has to be at least newbie, since I'm new to this.


    There are two separate kingdoms, the kingdom of the women, Isadora and the kingdom of the men, Bronte. The women had escaped from the kingdom of Bronte, for being treated like peasants.

    But there are two individuals, Helene of Troy, an Isadora Knight. She's a curious, sarcastic little fellow, but yet very brave.

    Then then there is Samuel, the King's out-casted Prince of Bronte. He is arrogant, kind and warm-hearted man.

    They meet at villages, who no one knows about them. But what happens when the two kingdoms go to war, the king and queen find out, and their love is in danger?
  2. This sounds rather interesting, but I've got a few questions:

    1) Which of us would play the male and female parts
    2) Specifics about your character
  3. I'm used to being the female character, but you can choose any you want.

    Until you've replied of which gender you want to be, I'll tell you more about my character.
  4. I'm fine being the male character ^^
  5. Alright! Now just simply make your form. ^_^
  6. Name: Samuel Collin
    Appearance: Black hair, choppily cut but looking somewhat neat. He has muted hazel-gray eyes that are always alight with an easy smile. He is tall, but not conspicuously so.
    Personality: Somewhat arrogant, he is ultimately willing to help people, no matter who they are. However, if he feels wronged by something, he will hold a grudge for the longest time.
  7. Name: Helene of Troy
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female

    Personality: Artistic, good companion, loving, romantic, charming, narcissistic, and quiet.