Does anyone remember the Iwaku Minecraft Server?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kitty, Jul 3, 2015.

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  1. Just curious what happened to it, I miss it!
  2. I'm not sure. I lost a link a bit back, and by that point the group was dead and no one was bothering to share it anymore.
  3. Im mad I missed an Iwaku minecraft server
  4. True Iwaku Story: Whatever happened to the Iwaku Minecraft Server?
  5. It was short fun for a while. @jared555 ran it to test the waters and see how it did. Logged on quite often, pretty sure it got to the point where only one or two people were getting on and so he probably closed it.

    Edit: Just checked my old files for the address. It was being hosted on Iwaku, just using it's URL. Down now.
  6. Okay. What kind of server was it?
  7. Just your basic survival server.

    It seems every summer I get an urge to play some minecraft.
  8. Was it like a mindcrack/hermitcraft server? Or FFA? is a pretty cool server if you wanna take a look. is a cool server aswell.
  9. It was straight vanilla.

    FTB Monster is the best.
  10. I know, but was it more life a FFA or Mindcrack like?
  11. Free-For-All and...?
  12. Mindcrack-like servers are like community based. FFA is: Rule 1: There are no rules
  13. Iwaku rules applied, obviously.

    Wasn't aware of anyone being a dick and getting banned but I mostly built my houses and outposts solo.
  14. Well, was there like a main town or was stuff like griefing and killing allowed?
  15. No. Everyone got along. As far as I know.

    All we did was build and explore.
  16. Okay. I wish it was still up. I would've made a fortress for adventurers.
  17. Once my paycheck gets in, I'm starting up a minecraft server my friends have been anticipating for awhile. I'll probably make it a multi-world server, and can facilitate an Iwaku portion if any people want it.
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  18. Would it have plug-ins and stuff or would it be vanilla?
  19. Plugged in like a vegetable.
  20. Ah, Im more of a vanilla ice cream guy. Maybe I could still check it out. But Wynncraft basically owns me atm
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