Does anyone remember Animorphs? (War of The One RP)



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Just wondering if there was anyone around who remembered the book series that, according to wikipedia, was the third most successful series of childrens books of all time.

If you do by any chance, would you be interested in playing an rp set about 50 years after the conclusion of the book series? The tentative title is Animorphs: War of The One.
Of course I remember Animorphs woot! As for playing in an RP, MAYBE, I couldn't tell ya for sure if I could commit. Interesting idea though!
i remember the show.

not well, but i remember it, didnt one dude get stuck in bird form?
Yes. That was Tobias. He did eventually regain the ability to become human again, though.
Dude yes. I hated the end of those books, it was AWESOME. I would totally rp an animorphs story. DO IT.
I was an Animorphs PHANATIC. That series was my introduction to the world of fantasy fiction. Consider me interested. And yes, Tobias the red-tailed hawk (and occasional human) was frickin' awesome and my favorite character of the main gang - I really identified with him for some reason.

Anyone want a Happy Meal with extra Happy? *evil laugh*
(Don't worry, I'm not a Yeerk; I just think they have the coolest passphrases. So many years later, I realize how subtly sly and hilarious it is that K.A. Applegate made McDonald's a main gateway to the Yeerk Pool.)
o___o Woah. Animorphs totally brings me back... Damn. One of my favourite series when I was little! Can't remember everything, just that it was awesome and people teased me for reading them. Count me in for the RP, that would he sa-weeet~ *Rummages around memory box for Animorph books*
Looking back, Animorphs was quite edgy for a book series that was supposed to be kid friendly. I think it was my first introduction to sarcasm. Where would I be now if it hadn't been for those books?

It's great to see people responding to this so well. I was pretty much the only kid I knew who was seriously into Animorphs. Anyway, plot details shall be forthcoming.

P.S.: Have any of you read anything else by K.A. Applegate? I only ask because I may be incorporating some things from her other books into this. Everworld and somewhat Remnants, as far as particular series.
I liked dem books a lot growing up.

Big Tobias fan.

And I think it's because of him I've always wanted to find a girl like Rachael. >_>