Does anyone read Sherrilyn Kenyon?

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  1. I read The League series by her and honestly she is hands down my favorite writer. I am completely caught up on The League and I just finished the first two of the Dark-Hunters series. Fantasy Lover and Night Pleasures and halfway through Night Embrace. If you have read past those first two, no spoilers please. Just really looking to chat with people about the books, and grasp your mind on it all. See if anyone cares about these books as much as I do.
  2. I have never heard of her O.O

    If you like chatting about books with other people who've read them though, you should nominate one of her works for April's book club read at the end of the month! we could learn more about this author's creations together :3
  3. Yeah a lot of people have never heard about her which is completely and utterly saddening.
  4. I have one of her books except it's YA and I don't like the story because it's about a really young dude (14... come on... I was expecting 18/19) called Nick Gautier. The writing style didn't cu it out for me either. I want to read adult books not some book about a 14 year old who hunts zombies... The story's Infinity. I heard Dark Hunters was a good series. I've also seen (if I'm not mistaken), she does... erotica?
  5. Yes she write romance novels. I originally read The League and that is her older series and not im moving on to her most popular one The Dark-Hunter novels and I also have the Nick Chronicles. Nick Gauiter is one of my favorite characters. He in the Dark-Hunter novels as a college student. The Nick Chronicles are his story on how he became Kyrians Squire so because its his life story its a young adult novel because in the Dark- Hunter series which came out YEARSS before the Nick Chronicles he said he met Kyrian at 14-15 so yeah, when she decided to do his story a few years later she couldnt because she stated in Night Pleasure (Where Nick is introduced in the Second book of the Dark-Hunter novels) she couldn't undue her writing and made that series but I love it too. Nick is a GREAT character, and he only gets better with age.

    As for her Kenyon herself all of her series blend together, character in one series show up a ton in others.
  6. So she does write graphic sex, interesting. I'll have to hunt one of those books down and see if I like it. Maybe I'll be more compelled to read the erotica than the Nick Chronicles.
  7. I'm glad there is another person who reads her books. She's one of my favorite authors ^^
  8. Well see I'm really not in it for the erotica. Kenyon writes about a lot of things I've dealt with. Shes the writer that made me feel as if I am understood because I see characters that are just like me and deal with the things I deal with. I really feel nothing for the erotica part
  9. She is my favorite author, what books have you read by her?
  10. I haven't read The League series yet, but I've read all of the existing Dark Hunter books, except for Styxx. I like Nick as a character but I don't think he needed a book series, but that doesn't mean I won't read them either. That series is on my list of many books to read, but keeping up with her Dark Hunter series is my main priority.
  11. I suddenly have the urge to re-read the Dark Hunter series from the beginning again.
  12. I won't lie, it's one of my guilty pleasures. I'd rather read about adults than teenagers but that's just me. :P
  13. I suggest starting with Fantasy Lover then. Although some say it's technically the first book, I say it is. And some say you don't HAVE to go in order but I suggest it.
  14. I like to go in order lawlz makes things much more understandable along the way. *dashes off to check out Fantasy Lover*
  15. Fantasy lover is the first one with Julian. I am 50 pages away from reading the one with Talon but I am DYING to read the one about Ash. I feel as if I am not completely invested into Talon story... Kyrian is my favorite so far though. His story made me feel something.

    Nah I started reading the Nick Chronicle honestly I like it but I am one for a book filled with nothing but sarcasm and thats why I love it.
  16. Acheron is one of my favorite book of all time.
  17. I just finished reading the sample on my phone... I love Gracie already!!! AND I WANNA READ THE BOOK OMFG!!!! >////<
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  18. I can send you the pdf for it if you'd like?
  19. YES PLEASE!!!! <3
  20. Pm me your email address and I'll email it to you.
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