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Does anyone know what this is?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Xindaris, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. So I was walking around campus the other day, and while glancing in the adjoining gym I noticed this device. It was scrolling the words "PLAY WITH ME" across the lit up LED floor there.

    So I did the most natural thing, and took a picture of it to post it on the internet for people I've never met in person to evaluate the identity of.
    Of course.
  2. Looks kinda like a DDR game.
  3. Rave practice machine.
  4. Obviously it's a platform for a threesome.

    Jokes aside, I believe that, along with the others, that it's got to be related to footwork.
  5. Considering it's in a gym, and considering it's placement in the gym (surrounded by cardio machines), I'll assume it's one of two things:

    A fancy run-in-place, step-where-the-lights-are styled "game" that works your cardio, or a very fancy version of DDR. That's not DDR.
  6. Probably has something to do with zumba or just dancing in general.

    Why not have a try at it next time you walk by? :P
  7. It's a Rubik's Cube for your feet.
  8. [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gdi5PqMm4jQ&feature=related"]YouTube- 2001 Space Odyssey. Dave turn off HAL[/nomedia]</EMBED></EMBED></OBJECT></EMBED></EMBED>
  9. Well that was a pain in the butt to find...

    Spendy little bugger too...


  10. So...


    It's a very, very expensive Wii Sports + Fitness?
  12. In a nutshell... yes... Also with some DDR mixed in... and the ability to get lightshows...

    Also comes in a variety of sizes... and a wall mounted version as well.
  13. It looks really neat, though. I kinda wanna play with it. .__.
  14. Weell, the rest of the answers were mostly hilarious or fun, though Woodrat gave exactly what it was, which sates my curiosity..dang that's expensive.

    I would give it a try, but students still have to pay for gym memberships, I don't have one, and it's near the end of the semester, soooo....yeah. I think it might also be in a room blocked off from regular gym usage, like for particular classes or something--no-one was in there when I took the picture, at around lunchtime, as you can see.
  15. *emerges from sleepless, three day fugue/walking coma*

    My good fellow, I think you should sidestep this tedious gym registry process, and take the contraption for yourself. Perhaps by using a complex system of mirrors.