Does anyone feel like doing an 1x1?

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  1. Sorry, lass I be new here, and to role-playing so if that turns ye off. I suggest turning around, and finding a more worthy partner.

    Anyway, I was wanting to do a 1x1 to increase my skills as a role-player, in order to eventually join into a group. However, I also wish to have fun with others as well. So, it's a perfect opportunity.

    My idea's consist of few paths, but are not thought out until not a flaw remains.
    They consist of:

    A pirate based RP
    A medieval RP

    Aye, as you can probably tell...I didn't really think ahead to much, however, there be no doubt I am open to ideas. Anything is welcome, provided I know it, or don't have to know it in order to do it. I appreciate if you take the time to read all this, and even more so if ye be inclined to reply. Have a lovely day,

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.