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  1. ..get super duper intimidated by change? :0

    See, I'm easily intimidated.. But the odd thing is, I usually am not too bothered by change. I mean, yeah, I hated moving out of the town I'd lived in for a long time. I got pretty upset when the only doctor I'd encountered that really understood me moved away. But, aside from that, I adapt pretty well.

    Oddly enough, though, very miniscule changes intimidate me to an extreme. Right now, I'm wanting to draw, but I've run out of room in my sketchbook and thus need to use my new one.. But I feel more nervous about screwing up in it than I do about my last one.

    So, does change bother you? Small or large? What's one change in particular that you remember disliking the most?
  2. I wouldn't say Intimidated, but adapting to change is always a switch that takes some time.

    For me it's usually the change of semesters, because classes will get shuffled around a lot.
  3. When I moved out of my city to where I live now, it was pretty intense. No fear or anything, but the difference was pretty noticeable. Most obviously, the lack of beaches... Not that I like beach, but I did surf and I can't do that now. Ah well.

    Oh, and a new house is always something you've got to get used to. Well, in my case an apartment, but same idea.
  4. Indeed it does. And yeah, that makes sense.

    This also makes total sense. Adapting to new places can be a hugeee drag.
  5. Some change I anticipate, some I ask for in some manner, and some I just persevere through. Nothing in life is ever easy, but you have to make the most out of your opportunities. Some folks learn that over time. It took me a good amount of time to come to those terms.
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  6. I've thought about that question for lots of years. The answer that always comes up for me is change doesn't effect me in the slightest. When there's change, that means there's something new. And I like new things. There's ALLOT of change I want to happen, but it's always interesting experiencing changes weather they are good or bad.
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  7. The fact of change in and of itself doesn't bother me. I'm pretty flexible in most circumstances, so I can adapt to changes without much struggle. What is more likely to bother or annoy me is the reasoning for the change or a comparison of the previous state to the new state if the new one is comparatively crappy.

    For an example of what I mean, when Youtube changed crap to make it so you needed to have a connected Google+ account to post comments, I adapted to the change very easily and didn't freak out about it. However, their motivation of basically trying to force people to use their shitty Facebook wannabe (when I don't even like real Facebook) was really annoying so I obstinately refused to move along with this particular change even though it meant I could no longer leave comments on videos. I essentially forced an actual change in my Youtube browsing preferences on myself (by not commenting at all instead of just giving in and making a Google+ account to continue commenting) because I disliked their lame reasons for altering the system.
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  8. I wouldn't say intimidated, I don't always like change, but I hardly ever find it intimidating. Overwhelming, sure—like when I first started college—but intimidating? Nah, I don't think so. I'm usually pretty open to change, actually; if it's for the better and an absolute necessity (which is often debatable depending on the situation). It's when change is completely unnecessary and done with poor intentions that really begins to bother me; YouTube's constantly changing layout is a good example, albeit a very mild one. More often than not, however, I adapt to it rather quickly and move on. I can think of very few situations in my life when I could outright just not handle something changing, at which point I would put my foot down and make it known that I was not okay with it. It usually got resolved pretty quickly after that. That's concerning personal changes in my life, I should add, I'm excluding changes with society and things I couldn't otherwise influence, those typically don't affect me very much anyways.
  9. I am super crazy adaptable! So change happens and I just deal with it!

    Now, whether or not I LIKE it, that's a different question. >>;
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  10. For me, change can be a bit tough. I won't say I can't get through it but it is one of those things that takes time.
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