Does Anyone Else play ELSWORD!?

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  1. So I use to play this RPG game on the computer that goes by the name of Elsword, I happen to really enjoy this game and after a couple years of being unable to play it I have finally logged back in, unfortunately I did have to make a different account but oh well. Anyways the point of this thread is I wanted to see if anyone else played this game and they'd like to add me as a friend on there and quest together, c:
  2. About that... well, I do play Elsword, but I abandoned the NA server and went to the private server instead, known as Void Elsword or Elvoid for short.

  3. I'm so inactive in elsword lol

    But i do have a kickass tactical trooper
  4. I had start over pretty much, lost all of my characters and I had them all pretty highly ranked which now I am back down in the teens working my way back up ^~^ I want friends to talk to on gets kinda lonely..ya'know.
  5. I used to like Night Watcher a lot, but even there I got bored about waiting on my MP bar and wasn't enjoying it enough to purchase a B skill bar. SD and GrM were quite a lot of fun also. CBS, never again. Takes forever till you're not spending 3/4ths of a dungeon garnering mana to spam mediocre powered lasers cause your team cleared everything already.
  6. I'll just take a moment to say that I'm trash for playing DiE (Diabolic Esper) so much. He's just my precious child. >w<'
  7. blade master would like to have a word with you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.