Does anybody else's characters talk to them? Or make frequent commentary?

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  1. My character talks to me. Or doesn't talk to me. He does frequently talk to himself though. Because he's a little crazy. Sometimes he talks to me.

    But generally it's things like this.

    "There's a video camera on that stop light. Have I ever told you about 1984 and Big Brother?" To which I tell him to shut up because yes, I've heard it a million times.

    or like, I'm shopping, and he really likes bananas. And I can't seem to walk past the banana display without him making desperate grabby hands and demanding that we buy bananas. And... I usually buy the bananas.

    Oh god please tell me I am not alone.
  2. It has been done before. I kindly tell the bastards to STFU.

    See, my OC's are like my children. The little shits never stop coming.
  3. They don't talk to me quite like that, no. I talk to myself enough that I don't need characters doing it too. D:

    But they do like to give speeches or answer interview questions in my head. 8D
  4. Lol lol on no it's nothing like that well haha maybe it is. Everyone I used to rp with had this and now I'm here and I feel like I'm the only one haha. We called them our inner characters and the inners would have conversations about what was going on in the story (or the outer characters) basically voicing their opinion on the things their character wasn't allowed to know in the story. Mines noisy. Look he has a megaphone.

    Lol okay I have a multiple.
  5. My characters do not talk to me, but I find myself thinking about their actions if I am bored, or going an extra length to make them more realistic. However, they do tend to deviate from the story I have intended to fit them sometimes, which is fine by me, because at least that means that my plot serves my characters, and not vica versa.
  6. I have only had one character gain enough of a voice where it seemed as though they were speaking to me. It helped shape his character a lot, because i would be writing something, and then I'd hear him in my head, almost as if he were reading over my shoulder.

    "Oh hey, that sounds good. Really good. But... Yeah, I'm not that nice. You know I'd never actually do that."

    Much frustration when trying to write for this guy >:[ But I love him~ He's one of my earliest characters, and the one I've kept the longest.
  7. Only in the context of lucid dreams. It's really trippy but awesome at the same time. It's like having various parts of my brain talk to me at once, but they're still their own individual.
  8. I actually know people online who are multiple and one of the people in their head started off as a RP character. :] It's kinda neat!
  9. I am in danger hahaha.
  10. woahKINDA NEAT!?

    Well, that's great news, 'cause I love my characters. At least we're choosing who to take along for the ride.
    I probably deserve it 'cause I always make them do things they don't wanna do.
  11. "she can't make me do anything I don't want to do." he's head strong headstrong. And Stubborn. And a Brat.

    "not a brat."

    He's a brat.

    Ah well now I have another character who knows how to put him in a headlock and sit on him when he's being like that.

    "*pouts* can't fight that..."
  12. I don't do that, but I think that is cool that you do : )

    Most of my character conversations are when I am trying to write a post, I try to imagine who my character would answer and such.
  13. I usually talk to myself, especially in the most comfortable place (toilet). Unless, I call them, they stay asleep in the part where my creativity lies. Where was it again? Left brain or right brain?
    When posting for them, they will interrupt me when I'm writing something that they wouldn't do since I usually write depending on my mood. They would say "Stop. I'm out of character here. See? It should be like..."
  14. I'd be more disturbed if my characters DIDN'T sound off in my head... how else am I to know what they talk like?!
  15. Yes. It's almost like my characters live in my head and have the sole goal to drive me nuts!
  16. the real oddity is when I have to 'play god' and answer their questions I mean is it not enough that I write the into existence?! I just don't know sometimes.
  17. Sometimes i talk to myself does that count for anything?
  18. No many people talk to themselves its when you reply to yourself that you must worry.

    and well i have the voice in the back of my head when i have a OC dying to get out and thats when they are the loudest and its rather fun since i can be doing anything and have them tell me "oh your doing that wrong if your trying to be like me than you must do this more." What i dont get is how i have no accent but every voice in my head have such heavy accents that i dont know how i understand them at of them has such a heavy southern accent that i swear that she could go down south and have any of them wonder wtf she is saying.

    And i have also been yelled at by many when i walk by something say a stuffed animal and one of them want me to touch it to see the softness... I couldnt tell you the times i have been yelled at to go into build a bears.
  19. My character is based off the voices in my head *nods* he has two people in his one mind including him. he is insane.