Does 21 mean anything besides you can legally get drunk?

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  1. Last week I turned 21. I know this means I can legally drink alcohol, but I have no intention to. Is there anything else I can do only now that I'm 21?
  2. Legally smoke marijuana in the states of Washington and Colorado, but it's still a federal crime. Insurance rates don't go down until you're 25, so no renting a car til then. In otherwords, it's just another date.
  3. Welcome to the, "I'm 21, so what?" club that I've been a member of for three months now. Like all birthdays, it's just another day. And being another day older doesn't matter unless you're a banana.
  4. You can go gambling at casinos and the like, which can technically be done at 18, but most places restrict to 21 since they freely serve alcohol.
  5. Everyone pretty much covered what age 21 can do for you... Honestly, it ain't that special. I drank booze and smoked marijuana before the legal age anyway, so turning 21 was less than special. >__> Even then, these things aren't great enough for me to care either. *joins the "I'm 21, so what?" club with Spammy*

    Hope you had a good birthday, though! Yay birthdays.
  6. 21- one more than twenty; twenty plus one more; denoting a quantity consisting of twenty-one items or units; - representing the number twenty-one as Arabic numerals.

    Nope not according to the dictionary.
  7. 21 wasn't that big for me since I live in a country where i could legally drink at 18. I didn't start drinking until I was 23, anyway.
  8. I would say that to also consider something. You may not want to drink, but many of your friends will want to. There's some appeal in going to / being at bars, even if you don't want to drink. For me, at least half of the enjoyment came from being able to go with my friends to a bar, even if I didnt plan on drinking that night.

    Expanded/Simplified: You now have access to anywhere that will keep you out because drinking is allowed, not required. E.g.: Clubs, Casinos, etc etc.
  9. You can legally drink alcohol at 18 in Australia. You can drive a car, go to war, and drink only at 18.
  10. So many drunk 18 and 19 year olds when we pulled into that port,a dn they were let off ship. Lol

    I won't lie your aussie beer wasn't bad, not bad at all. -Brings back memories when they celebrated a friends 21 at australia.-
  11. Thank you everyone. Your comments were...interesting. I think I'll join that "21 so what?" club though.
  12. It's that lame number between 20 and 22. 20 means you're young, 22 is like, you matured a little, but 21 is just that number that no one wants to talk about besides regarding alcohol.