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  1. What is your favorite documentary?
    What documentary would you recommend everyone see?
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  2. *bursts through door*


    Documentaries are my jam. I love them. Most of the videos Netflix recommends to me are documentaries lmao. My favourite documentary of all time is The Blue Planet episode on the deep sea. I make everyone I love watch it. No one cares as much as me. It's so cool though.
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  3. Netflix knows that I have a problem.
    I watch a lot of cooking/food/alcohol documentaries which I like but aren't widely applicable to people in general.
    I enjoy documentaries of pretty much all kinds, I just like learning about the things in them.

    As for something people should watch, I'd probably go with An Inconvenient Truth. It's a good starting point and while it has some things in it that could be better/more accurate/etc. I feel it's a solid work and an important one.
  4. Oh my goodness, I have way too many documentaries that I love. Like... I seriously had a fangirl moment just reading the OP.

    Anyways. *Clears throat*

    My favourite documentaries tend to usually be by BBC. For example

    Walking with Dinosaurs
    Walking with Beasts
    Walking with Cavemen
    Walking with Monsters.

    Then there's the Life of Birds and the Life of Mammals by David Attenborough. Pretty awesome stuff!

    Travel documentaries by Michael Palin ( yeah, the guy from Monty Python) eg Pole to Pole, Himalaya, etc.

    Besides BBC content, there are quite a few more documentaries I love. FLOW (For the Love of Water), Home, Africa's Super Seven, The Revolution will not be Televised. There are a bunch more but I can't think of them at the moment.
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  5. As a big dino nerd, any documentaries with CGI dinos are my favourite.

    Other than that, Louis Theroux is a British documentary maker who gets to know people in controversy - Prisons, WBC, Pedophile hospitals etc etc. He's really funny I recommend him.
  6. I do like those documentaries that portray slices of life od the animal kingdom. I'm more a fan of another sort of documentaries though.

    I leave you Samsara, does the same as above, but with the whole planet. It has a lot of beautiful imagery combined with very fitting music. It is a beautiful thing, fun fact, no narration or words are involved.

    Do watch.
  7. [​IMG]

    These two take the cake for me with nothing else getting even close.
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  8. For reals though, I have watched too few of them, because no one I know wants to watch any ever.
  9. Planet Earth and Cosmos are great. Black Fish made me feel like a piece of shit, even though I've never been to Sea World and last time I went to an aquarium was when I was single-digit age group.

    Also, because of it's stunning historical accuracy and place in pop culture that I've never actually seen an episode for,

  10. I heart documentaries so much! I don't know what my favorite one is or what I would recommend though because it's been a while since I've watched one. A lot of the documentaries I've watched were in the high school classroom. I need to watch more in my own home!
  11. I enjoy watching any kind of war documentary.

    Restreppo, Citizen Soldiers, and Dirty Wars. Then I watch random documentaries about other things. I find them interesting, even if a lot of the documentaries are not just following people around, but trying to convince people about a bullshit political argument.
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  12. While I think that most people who share my affinity for cooking documentaries probably already know it, for those who don't, I adore Chef's Table and Mind of a Chef.

    I also really enjoy the wine documentaries Netflix has: A Year in Burgundy, A Year in Bordeaux, and the Somm pair.

    I will probably watch just about any kind of documentary because I like learning things, as I said.

    On that note, I also recommend Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance and We Shall Remain for interesting history type things.
  13. James Burke's Connections (series 1) was great. The other two were pretty good as well, but not quite as captivating.
  14. Oh God... I have lots of favorite documentaries o_o These are the ones I tend to rewatch a lot and would recommend.

    Thought crime: The case of the cannibal cop
    Extremely good documentary about a man who did some roleplaying online (with photos of people he knew and the real names of them) and it was believed he actually was planning to do what he fantazised about. I definitely suggest for everyone to watch this one from beginning to end.

    The six wives of Henry VIII
    Extremely well made docu-drama :D

    Inside the twin towers
    A drama documentary about some of the survivors of 9/11 (interviews + re-enactments)

    9/11 Phone calls from the towers
    Interviews with family member's of the dead victims and some recorded phone calls from 9/11.

    Tania head: the 9/11 faker
    A documentary that will make you wonder if you hate this woman or should appreciate what she did for everyone o_o CONFUSED FEELS AHEAD!

    Dying to sleep
    A documentary about the deadly sickness fatal familial insomnia.

    Mayday, Seconds to disaster & Zero hour
    Both these are documentary series about disasters. Every episode is 40 minutes and deals with a different disaster. Mayday only deals with plane crashes.

    The christmas truce (From BBC collection box: days that shook the earth)
    Reenactments and voice over for what happened during the Christmas truce. It is soooo different from what I thought when they told us about it in school o_o In the school books it's like "Yeah. They sang a song, stopped fighting for a day, played football, went back to fighting the next day." It's sooo much more than that, and I recommend it a loooooot.

    Also an extra that's kind of a documentary, but maybe not, but I'll let it be one anyways. :D It's made by a youtuber xD

    Ancient Aliens debunked
    A youtuber has made a 3 hour movie (can also be watched like an episodic thing) that debunkes the tv-series ancient aliens. It's very interesting and teaches a lot about ancient cultures, or at least how they built stuff.
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