Doctor Who.

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  1. If you watch it.

    Your favourite Doctor.

    Your favourite Companion.

    Your favourite Enemy.

    What do you think is the answer to "Doctor, who?", recently revealed as the oldest question in the Universe.
  2. 10th Doctor

    Sarah Jane


    His name, duh!
  3. 9th doctor
    Rose Tyler
    just the doctor! who needs a name ^^
  4. Can I have 9 and 10? D: <3333

    Rose Tyler

    THE MASTER. <333

  5. You left out the last one, Ela!

    Hm ..

    For me it's ...



    Headless Monks.

    I think it's the revelation that he is essentially "The Other".
  6. Oh goodness, I liked David Tenant the best, I think. (though the newest Doctor has taken a place in my heart, and Christopher Eccleston was kick ass....)
    Rose Tyler was cool, but I have a serious thing for redheads, so Amy Pond has taken my vote on this.
    The Daleks.
    -insert shrug here-
  7. Alright let's see here.

    Being old fashioned I love the 4th played by Tom Baker.

    Although I do like Sarah Jane and she is widely regarded as the best assistant, I have this small place in my heart for Leela the one to replace Sarah.

    Yeah the Daleks are good, but I love Davros as a villain.

    He's the Doctor, you don't need a name other than that just to be as great as he is.
  8. Your favourite Doctor.
    I have three favourites, I know, I'm bad. But I love the 4th, 10th and the 11th

    Your favourite Companion.
    Sarah Jane, Of course!

    Your favourite Enemy.

    What do you think is the answer to "Doctor, who?", recently revealed as the oldest question in the Universe.
    I honestly have no idea!
  9. My favorite? The Tenth. He was awesome. Always. The Eleventh has epic -moments-. The Tenth always was. And his anger was more refined, as opposed to the Ninth.

    Favorite companion. Rose Tyler. While with the Doctor, she was great, then she was boss even while the Doctor was with Donna.

    The Master will ALWAYS be my favorite enemy. He was as clever as the Doctor, and the two of them were close friends, ages past. The Daleks are amazing, yet their purpose is always the same. The Master was always unique in his plans.

    The answer? The name we have always longed to hear, of course!