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  1. I am all caught up with the new Doctors 9-12. I would happily ask you to play one of those for me. OR if you wish 1-8 or even the War Doctor. No matter to me . I am open just behind....I have seen drips and drabs of the old classic eps. I am normally a OC and whoever else. AIE-Jack, River, Master, Missy, ect. It depends on the Doctor you are playing ;p.

    I REALLY am craving this. Please don't reply than dump me...huh? my plots sometimes take a bit but thats all in the twists and turns...please?! I just saw Dark Waters/Death in Heaven on the big screen. REALLY craving....*puppy eyes*
  2. Always so hard to find...oh hum....maybe I will get some luck for once.
  3. Hello~ :)

    Are you open to doubling?
  4. Course I am!
  5. Would you be comfortable playing the Meta-Crisis Doctor for me?
    In exchange for me playing whichever Doctor you ask?
    I was thinking we could explore having two Doctors aboard the TARDIS, but the Meta-Crisis is the younger and more so resembles the Ninth. :)
    I would play Rose Tyler. :)
    The actual Doctor wouldn't still have romantic feelings for Rose, because he's accepted her place with Meta-Crisis.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.