Doctor Who- Where should I start?

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  1. There's so many seasons and such... Where should I start if I want to begin watching Doctor Who?
  2. You're probably best starting with the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston), which was the 2005 series if memory serves? That's basically when the new incarnation of Doctor Who kicked off.
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  3. I started with the Ninth Doctor and I enjoyed it. :) I'm not caught up but it's a pretty good show.
  4. You can start with 2005 first season really, but if you're in for a trip, start from the first season (although for me it was absurdly hard to find, but that's because I'm from another country and there are no subtitles). If you're having a hard time finding season one, two and the following seasons, try start from the 1st season of the 3rd Doctor or the 1st of 4th doctor (just saying because they're my favourites xD ).

    If you really want to catch up with anything that's going on TODAY though, you should just get to 2005 first season. But if you don't mind expending some quality time watching not-so-great-effects with amazing stories, go to the old ones. You'll love it
  5. What he said.

    Start with Eccleston and go from there. If you like him, carry on to Tenant, fall in love with Tenant, weep when you're given Smith. Sob and drink excessively through Smith's seasons. Applaud Capaldi.
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  6. I'll have to rob my aunt of her Moscato! xD
  7. Start with David tennant and end with Matt Smith
    "No blond should have the brain power of a time Lord"
    (poor capaldi)

    -quote from Neil gaimon
  8. With whichever you like although I'd choose the beginning of either the originals or the reboot. Some people skip the first season of the reboot, but although it suffers from some poorly written episodes, it sets up major plot points for the rest of the series.

    Also, and this is imo more important than where you start, a note to remind you there are good fans and then there are these kinds of fans

    Don't be the second one, Dr who is a great series. Lots of people get REALLY excited about it. Don't get so excited you become that kind of fan. There are enough for that fandom already.
  9. O___O ... Oh my god... I would never become such a "person" who actually does that kind of thing...
  10. You need to go back in time and be born English and watch the show from the start. >:[

    *crosses arms*
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