Doctor Who/Torchwood RP

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  1. Hi there I am looking for someone to do a Doctor Who/Torchwood rp. I am looking for someone to play The Tenth Doctor, Jack Harkness and John Hart and maybe The Master. I am going to play my Time Lord char, I have a few plots in mind that is for sure. I am looking for someone to be a dominant though and I am going to be the submissive. I am looking for 50 smut and 50/plot. I am going to give you the kinks that I am looking for and also please check out my kink list. I may play Ianto Jones but not for sexual reasons though, maybe even Gwen Cooper just to add to the story. Feel free to pm me if your up for the rp. I am up to discussing my plot ideas with you and adding anything you have in mind to the rp. Hope to hear back from you real soon.

    (Note, I do not rp over email, messengers or pm.)

    Kinks I Want

    Vaginal Sex
    Oral Sex
    Anal Sex
    Collar/Leash Play
    Light Bondage

    Tenth Doctor


    Captain Jack Harkness


    The Master


    Captain John Hart

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