Doctor Who: The New Doctor (see inside for details)

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  1. The Fields of Trenzalor lay deep within siege,
    The enemies of the galaxy charging with treacherous speed.

    In the last days of the struggle, the fighting shall cease,
    The Raggedy Man, will soon be deceased.

    In the fields of Trensalor will he make his last stand,
    For peace and prosperity in Christmas, he will defend.

    11's time is up, there's no time for 12's,
    Regeneration won't come, he's used up all of his spells.

    Against the Daleks is when he will die,
    All is lost, until the new hope arrived.

    A shimmering light glimmers back at the start,
    New hope from a planet so dear to the Doctor's heart.

    With a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his face,
    The New Doctor pilots the TARDIS throughout Time and Space.


    Okay, so this RP takes place in an alternate universe where, instead of Matt Smith regenerating into Peter Capaldi (who had a lacklustre season, I might unfortunately add. Thanks Moffat), the Doctor actually died. However, somewhere out in the galaxy, a new person calling them-self "the Doctor" arises to take his place.

    With a whole new line of regenerations, experiences to live through, and most importantly, adventures to be had, who's ready to join the new "Doctor" for a trip around all of time and space?!

    (This is just an interest thread, there's much more to it then this. I've just set this up for an intro, I'll provide more info as the discussion goes on. We'll need about 3 people before we start the OoC, so just post below if you're up for this!)
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  2. Oh my god. I love Doctor Who so much. I am quite interested ^^
  3. Sweet, so that's two. I think we can include myself and work with this for now. After all, 3 companions might be a little difficult to deal with, haha.

    Okay, so any questions or comments, @EtherealLights @Nina the Unknown?
  4. The companions will be human, right?
  5. They don't have to be, but they can be. In a previous version of this RP, there was actually an Idris-type character who operated as the Doctor's TARDIS.

    But that's just an example of a character we can go with. By all means, be human!
  6. So are we all ready to start this off then?
  7. Everyone still up for this?
  8. I'd love to do this.
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