Doctor Who: The New Doctor (bigger on the inside)

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  1. **This is a repost of a thread I accidentally deleted earlier today ^^" Just warning you guys and the Mods so nobody thinks I'm trying to spam**

    Greetings everybody, this is Sora1297 coming at you with an idea that hopefully isn't bound to fail!!

    Anyways, I'll get down to the basics: I need four to six people to start. Four to six, extraordinary, brilliant people to assist me in this venture that has never successfully been done. I'm looking for the best of the best, the top of the line, highest quality Roleplayer's for taking on this task. Now that being said, I think you're all the top of the line, but I'll only be accepting a few sheets to start. What I'm looking for in this venture, are people who are (for the most part, save a few) willing to kill/abandon their characters after a certain amount of time. Let me further explain what I mean by this by providing the info you'll need to gain an idea for what this RP is based on:

    The Fields of Trenzalor lay deep within siege,
    The enemies of the galaxy charging with treacherous speed.
    In the last days of the struggle, the fighting shall end,
    The Raggedy Man, to his enemies will shall he bend.
    In the fields of Trensalor will he make his last stand,
    For violence and suffering could never stay his hand.
    11's time is up, there's no time for 12's,
    Regeneration won't come, he's used up all of his spells.
    Against the Daleks is when he will rise,
    Only to fall back down and never survive.
    A shimmering light glimmers in the stars,
    A new hope from a planet so far.
    With a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his face,
    The New Doctor pilots the TARDIS throughout Time and Space.

    So... Who thinks they're up to the challenge of making this work?

    In case you didn't get it from the little rhymes, this is a Doctor Who RP. I have ideas about how to do this, but I realize its a difficult task to take on. So I'll need help and collaboration from you all ^^

    I have ideas about how we can make things like Companions and Stories work, but I'll elaborate more on those once we have some people behind this. Here's the CS so you can start thinking of a character.

    I will be playing the "New Doctor", who's appearance will only be revealed once we're ready to start. This will also meddle with canon Who a bit, with the Doctor actually dying in the recent Christmas Special "Time of the Doctor" rather then Regenerating into Peter Capaldi.

    Image of Character:
    Preferred Weapon(s)/Personal Item(s): (if any)
    Bio: (can include, but isn't limited to; Personality, Background, Attributes, ect. A paragraph or two should be good. Also explain possible reasons why they might travel with the New Doctor)
    Relationship Status: (if they're in a relationship, include the name of their spouse/partner)
    Other: (include any additional information you want, such as their favourite brand of snacks. Ex.... JELLYBABIES!! BANANNAS!! FISH FINGERS AND CUSTARD!!)​
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  2. I'm pretty new, but I'll apply.

    Image of Character: ((Sorry, cant draw for crap.))
    Name: James
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Preferred Weapon(s)/Personal Item(s): Prefers crossbows, and daggers.
    Bio: (can include, but isn't limited to; Personality, Background, Attributes, ect. Happy, when with another person, but easily scared, and enraged when alone. He is a swimmer, so his strength is equal all over his body. He is also an actor, and a saxophonist. He lived in Florida, but the land began to freeze over, his family, and everyone else escaped. He was trapepd there, freezing to death. He can't drive. He is calm in danger, and timed situations, and learns quickly.
    Relationship Status: Girlfriend, ((She might be joining, don't want to name her character))
    Other: Descendant of Viking chief.
  3. [​IMG]

    Caspian, formally known as Socks
    Nickname: Cassie, Socks, Kitty
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19 (Human years)
    Species: Science experiment (cat turned human)
    Preferred Weapon(s)/Personal Item(s): He's extremely agile and has great balance. However when it comes to fighting he resorts to his animal instincts and just bites and scratches people.
    Bio: Caspian, who used to be simply called Socks was born in alley under a dumpster and soon adopted by a lonely old woman named Mabel. However, Mabel was already extremely old when she adopted him, so when she died a couple of months later it was to be expected, but Socks was pretty devastated. Mabel had no relatives save for a rude and emotionally unavailable son named Reginald who worked at a government lab. When notified of his mother's death and the cat her inherited, Reginald was extremely upset at first but then inspired to volunteer 'his new pet' as a test subject for an experiment that his team had been working on.
    The experiment involved an average working class man and Socks. The goal was to give the man the ability to telepathically communicate with animals, but the experiment got a little muddled and instead Sock's mind was transported into the man's mind, successfully taking over.
    When the scientists realized what happened they were thrilled that at least they had made 'some' progress, and intended on furthering their experiment, but they underestimated Caspian's new found ability to combine human logic with animal behavior and he escaped.
    Relationship Status: Single
    Other: He retains a cat like personality and still likes a lot of cat things like fish and chasing spots of light.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Name: Alexandra Ross

    Nickname: Alex or Ross

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19 (Almost 20)

    Species: Human

    Preferred Weapons/Items: She carries around a handbag that has almost everything she would need in it. She uses a small knife that is hidden in her purse in a fight, or if she was in any danger. Though she only uses it if someone trys to rob her or hurt her.

    She wears sseveral bracelets and necklaces, and she never takes them off unless she has too.

    Bio: Alex is a feisty, brave, yet caring girl. Though she is known to rarely talk until someone gets to know her.
    Her life is long and boring, rarely full of excitement. She graduated grade schools, went on to high school, then recently began going to Uni. She was born in America but moved to London when she was five. She adapted the British accent in less than a month.
    When she was 16 she had dyed her hair an assortment of colors, and finally decided on a dark reddish brown.
    She lives in a small apartment by herself, which is near University. Her roommate had died in a car wreck when Alex was 18.

    Even though she grew accustomed to her dull life, she has always craved excitement.

    Relationship Status: Single

    Other: Her favourite snack is a American candy called, Goo Goo Clusters and trys to take them whenever she finds them.​
  5. This will be my first official RP here. So if that's ok then here's my bio:

    Image of Character: [​IMG]

    Name: Hoshi Momoka

    Nickname: Hoshi

    Gender: Female

    Age: 23

    Preferred Weapon(s)/Personal Item(s): Twin daggers with a red jewel in the center of the hilt. The daggers are curved with ancient writing. Since the Tardis can read any writing one says, "With fire shall you fight," and the other, "With ice shall you judge."
    Bio: Hoshi was banished from her tribe when she tried and succeeded to steal the daggers she now owns. Technically she's a run away. Even her own family has disowned her. Appearantly she doesn't mind since she hasn't made any plans to return home. She believes that she might not even by a Trion since she is so different from the others in her tribe. She's always looking for trouble and trouble is usually just around the corner for her.
    Relationship Status: Single, but always on the look out!

    Other: Hoshi can be hot headed, but with the right guidance she can be a good leader. She's brave, but often careless. She loves chocolate and hot sauce. Sometimes when she's really in the mood she'll dip her chocolate in the hot sauce. Her style of dress tends to be flashy. When ever she can she'll wear what she thinks is the latest fashion.
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  6. Haha alright then, seems like this could take off soon.
  7. I am so tempted to join...
  8. Image: (I can't find one I like >.< can I have some more time to draw one? Here is a kind of abstract one in the meantime:)

    Name: Máóhk Sun

    Nickname: "Rodge"

    Gender: Female

    Age: 21


    Preferred Weapon(s)/Personal Item(s):
    She is not a fighter and has no weapons. She will always have a monkey-wrench and a wine-key handy.

    Rodge was born and raised life in Montana on the Blackfoot reservation raised by her grandparents until she was 16. Her grandfather had a gift for repairing cars without much on hand, and their yard was always full of random parts and rusty cars. This was her playground.

    As she got older she became discontented with her home. She applied for a technical school in Helena and for emancipation. She was determined to leave the state. After she graduated she souped up an old Chevy-truck and drove until she ran out of gas in Chicago. She lived there until she got kicked out by her boyfriend. Looking for a fresh start, she souped up an old beetle and drove until she ran out of gas in Indianapolis, where she was happy until she forgot to pay a bookie... She souped up an old ford and found her way to New Orleans until she pissed off a witch doctor... You see the pattern? As soon as she messes up she would rather start over somewhere else. She's been bouncing around the dust-bowl and the mid-west like a ping-pong ball. She craves to get even further from home, out of the country if possible. She works hard in each place she is, trying to save up enough money for such a dream, but she messes up big-time, and never stays in one place long enough to really establish herself or build-up anything.

    When our story begins we might say she is in Roanoke Virginia working two jobs, as a garage mechanic and as a waitress in a small downtown diner. (We can say elsewhere if that is more convenient for plot!)

    Relationship Status: Single

    Other: Favorite snack? She'd never admit it but she misses grandma's berry stew... If you asked her, she'd say her second favorite, which is chocolate covered pretzels.
  9. Is this RP still gonna happen?
  10. It may, it really depends. I have the exact same RP on a different site and it seems to be going successfully, but I'm managing a lot of RP's right now and I'm not sure if this particular one would be a good option for now.

    Again, I'm not sure. Just give me a few days and I'll have it figured out.
  11. Well I can't help to hope that this take off, lol ;-)
  12. Project who: is a go!

    I'm holding the RP here, folks!
  13. w00t!!!1!!11one!!
  14. Awesome sauce!
  15. Image of Character: [​IMG]
    Katrina (her parents had a horrible sense of humor) Brannigan
    Nickname: Trina
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Species: Catkind
    Preferred Weapon(s)/Personal Item(s): Has a bell collar around her neck, and small knives she carries on her person.
    Bio: Personality, Background, Attributes, ect. A paragraph or two should be good. Also explain possible reasons why they might travel with the New Doctor
    Trina is a fun loving catkind girl. Like the cats her kind resembled, she had infinite curiosity and was sometimes lazy. Her father, Thomas Kincade Brannigan, often told her stories of the man who freed their family from the motorway. She wants to find this man and thank him.
    Relationship Status: Single
  16. Is this still happening. Lol, I really hope so!
  17. Maybe....?
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