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  1. I know its something insanely hard to accomplish, but I'd like to run a Doctor Who RP.

    What I had in mind for a plot was the Doctor has actually died rather then regenerating in the latest episode (Time of the Doctor), but there's a twist: River Song and he have brought a child into the world who is half-timelord, half-human.. But he's all "Doctor" material.

    The roleplay would mostly consist of this "New Doctor" and his companions doing everything that they want in Time and Space, much like the show.

    We would split the RP up into chapters, each IC thread consisting of 1-2 stories. We would rotate our companions out whenever we wanted (IF, we wanted), but it would also be fun to see some old friends return like K-9, Strax and many more.

    We would all contribute to stories and I'd be totally up for seeing new alien species (with favourites like the Daleks and Cybermen returning of course).

    Now, the Time lords are up for debate. Depending on if people desire to play other Time Lords doing their own thing in their TARDI (plural of TARDIS), then we will discuss how we can make it work. If we'd prefer keeping only one time lord in on this, then we'll discuss how we want to make companions work.

    Anyways, I'm looking for about 4-6 people who are willing to join this, so post below if you're interested. I already have the OoC up with the character sheets in it (which can be edited at anytime), but I'll provide the link once we think we're ready to start plotting and whatever.