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"Think you've seen it all? Think again. Outside those doors, we might see anything. We could find new worlds, terrifying monsters, impossible things. And if you come with me... nothing will ever be the same again!"


Your journey begins here. In a small blue box (Bigger on the inside), standing out against the darkness of space. With this machine, you can travel the vast reaches of Time and Space in the blink of an eye.
Where will you go?
What will you see?
What sort of creatures will you meet, bad or good?

Only one person seems to have an understanding of it all, and he's in the middle of the machine, flipping switches and pulling levers like a madman. "It's a TARDIS," He says. "Time and Relative Dimension in Space. Now, where and when do you want to go?"
Here it is! My Doctor Who RP.

I'm open to pretty much anything. Wherever and Whenever you players want to go is fine with me. I have a few thought up for now, but I'd love to have you guys involved.

-A Doctor
-2-3 Companions. (More than that is just too much)
-Enemies (From Davros, to The Master, to Cybermen. GO FOR IT)

If you are interested in playing The Doctor, picture it as his 12th incarnation. He can look, act, dress, be anything you want him to. Just be sure it's the Doctor. I don't want some Hip-Hop G showing up like, "Party in the TARDIS! WOO!" If I don't think your portrayal of the Doctor is going to work, I'll ask you to change it.

Companions can be as diverse as you like. Robots, Humans, Timelords (Romana or Jenny? XP), Cat Nurses, I don't care. If you have some kind of plot line that you want with your character, just send me a message, and I'll look it over.

Enemies can also be whatever you like. I may throw some mindless enemies in there sometimes, but I'm looking at this to be a mostly player-controlled RP. :)

Character Sheet
Physical Appearance:
Relation to the Doctor:
History: (Why are you with the Doc?)
Other Notes:

Name: The Doctor

Age: 911
Race: Time Lord
Homeworld: Gallifrey

Relation to the Doctor: Shaky

Personality: In his 12th and final incarnation, the Doctor is a composite of his eleven predecessors. He has the intensity and playful wisdom of the early Doctors, along with the eccentricies of the 4th, 7th and 10th. This manifests itself in a quiet single-mindness - a tendency to drift off into deep thought then suddenly snap back into jokes. He finds it impossible to stand still and always has something going on in his head. He most closely resembles the 8th Doctor through his overwhelming kindness and youthful delight in the wonders of the universe. Like a Medieval jester he is perched upon the edge of events, dispensing wisdom and playing tricks. Some might describe him as fidgety, but there is no denying the resonant power of his mind. To sum the 12th Doctor up in one word, it would be poetic - he is in love with the universe and the creatures within it, and he will defend them to the last breath.

History: All together now...

Other Notes: This version of the Doctor dresses in black - long coat and boots. with a white shirt underneath. He also walks with a silver-tipped cane when the mood takes him. He likes to sit cross-legged, usually on top of things that aren't meant to be sat on. His Sonic Screwdriver is short and antique-looking, seemingly made from iron.
Hm. I'll go for A Time Lord companion. I'll have something up soon.
SHHHHH, Asmo...

But I was secretly hoping you would be the doctah. XD

YAY! I'm so excited! *Dances*
Can I have a recurring bit part as one of those doomed smug, bureaucratic types who obstructs "Th'doctah" repeatedly(preferably while calling him condescending pet names)? :D
Name: Davros

Age: Unknown but looks to be fairly old.

Race: Mutant Humanoid (Taken from Movellan computers)

Homeworld: Skaro

Physical Appearance:

Relation to the Doctor: Arch Nemesis

Personality: Megalomaniac whose only care in the world is to try to immortalize himself somehow with the creation of his Mark III Transportation Device more commonly referred to as the Dalek.

History: During the Doctor's fourth incarnation he met Davros, a man with practically the same soulless attitude as the Daleks. He led the Elites, a core scientist group founded in the bunker funded by the Kaled people in order to find way to fight the Thals. Davros turned this research into creating the final form of the Kaled race. With this he needed a way for the mutants to walk and in trying to find a way to do so he made the Dalek.

The first Daleks are without any positive emotion what-so-ever. They were designed to not know sorrow, not know grief, not know pity and eventually that ended Davros, or so the Doctor thought. After being shot point blank "the secondary life support system kicked in immediately while bodily organs were held in long term suspension."

Later Davros was imprisoned and released. He made several quarrels with the Doctor even clutching to the title of Emperor Dalek. But after all that and the self destruct sequence left unchecked in the Medusa Cascade Davros managed to escape, most of him still intact but again held in long term suspension. Now he continues to regenerate on a peaceful planet where science is followed for light minded purposes. They continue to regenerate the flesh of the greatest and most evil scientist of all time.

Other Notes: Davros is probably the most devious enemy the Doctor has faced, only second to the Master. His knowledge may not be as extensive as a Time Lord's but his understanding of the Daleks and control of said creature at times can make him a ruthless foe. However, alone he is rather defenseless but still has a shock finger system and likes to run his mouth with his megalomaniacal speeches.
Character Sheet
Name: Alice Que
Age: 20
Race: Human
Homeworld: Chicago, USA, Earth 2010
Physical Appearance:
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
Relation to the Doctor: Companion
Personality: Your basic companion. Strong-willed, witty, a little feisty, adventurous, and sarcastic.
History: Grew up in the Chicago Suburbs. Currently lives with a roommate because her parents kicked her out when she dropped out of collage on account of not knowing what she wanted to do. She constantly goes into the city looking for adventure, which is where she met the Doctor. (She saved him by hitting a sontaran in the back of the neck) After her help with the attack, the doctor asked if she would like to join him, which she immediately agreed, not even calling her roommate until she was on the TARDIS.
Other Notes: Calls Ethan all the time. He will eventually get picked up because the Doc will get sick of hearing one side of the conversation.

Name: Ethan Reed
Age: 20

Personality: Flamboyant and outgoing. Commonly mistaken for being gay.
History: Moved out at 18 to go to college in Chicago. Met Alice in class while going to school to be an actor. The hit it off right away, constantly skipping class to get coffee.
Soooo tempting to call dibs on the Master...

Character Sheet
Name: The Master
Age: Forty-six years into the Fourth Regeneration of his second set of Twelve. (Counting his original body and the one he stole lands him in his Eighteenth, if my math is right?) Older than The Doctor, perhaps, but not by so many years...
Race: Time Lord
Homeworld: Gallifrey
Physical Appearance:

Relation To The Doctor: Old friend and bitter enemy...
Personality: Calmer and much more dignified than the last time he appeared in Dr. Who canon, The Master is still nevertheless quite insane, and if he has come to terms with his anger (this regeneration, anyway) he is still just as bitter, just as cruel, and just as evil as ever.
History: How he survived forcing Rassilon back into the Time War and his own subsequent escape are a bit muddled. (What? It isn't as though The Doctor can account for every moment of his own timeline! Charlie Pollard: case in point.) He's The Master: he escaped because he is just that brilliant. It took him a regeneration to... collect himself- we'll call it- but he is more or less back in business and up to his old tricks. Universal Domination, Generally Being A Psychologist's Field Day, Etc. Nor has he forgiven The Doctor.
Other Notes: While time and distance from, and an understanding of the source of the Drums has lessened their effect, they are still echoing throughout all of time and will always be a part of The Master's insanity; he is by no means 'cured'.


Not that I didn't like Sims or think he didn't do a good job... but I always missed Ainley (sp...?)
I love it. :D

Davros and The Master.

Both are obviously accepted. :)
Character Sheet
Name: Baqer
Age: Variable
Race: Variable, but usually human
Homeworld: Earth
Physical Appearance: Variable
Relation to the Doctor: Enemy
Personality: Baqer is sly, has a dry sense of humor, and loves word games. He often plays "games" with anything from a small town to a major metropolis, often resulting in brutal consequences for losing, or breaking his rules.
History: Baqer was born at the turn of the 4th century, in Greece. That's about the only thing that's actually known about him.
Other Notes: Baqer is an extremely powerful psychic that has survived by stealing the bodies of others when his is near death.
hmmm. TC, I think The Master would be interested in Baqer's body snatching capabilities. I was thinking of starting off having finagled his way into power over some planet the Doctor would eventually run into... I propose an uneasy alliance. (Cause there's no way, knowing what Baqer can do, The Master would reveal himself as a timelord-or at least not right away.)

What say you I have The Master kidnap Baqer for study? Or maybe we're competing for some power or profit... Powerful psychics seems to be somewhat rare, they might just pass on the street (so to speak) and realize something isn't right.

That's if you want to work together. I won't be miffed if you wanna do your own thing. Just tossin some ideas around. I think Baqer and the Master would have some fun conversations...
it could be interesting, as well as a way of getting Baqer established a bit better, the Master would just have to give Baqer and entertaining proposal.
Just a quick question I'd like to pass by here. This RP, will it be like one big story with all these villains together or will it be seperated into different stories? If it is the first option then I'll need a way Davros works into all this cohesively.
Well, what kind of peoposal would Baqer find entertaining~ what are his goals and aspirations? The Master has always been able to come into power fairly easily, and Baqer seems like he has immortality pretty much down. They're both psychic, but it sounds like Baqer is probably more powerful in that aspect. But maybe he isn't as adept as manipulating/controlling people as The Master is. The Master would definately be after the power to steal bodies... if he recognized wat Baqer could do somehow, maybe by recognizing a psychic residue signature or some nonsense maybe he could approach Baqer with some offer of power working for, aiding The Master in his current project of conquest- then Baqer could stab him in the back somehow later.

Don't get me wrong I love The Master, but I love seeing him get messed up pretty much equally... and it would establish Baqer as Major League.

So what say you we team up, then when the Doctor comes to thwart the master- as he always does eventually- you take the opportunity to screw me over, steal my throne or whatever. vague enough to work with?

EDIT: Piro has excellent question.
hm, actually, just the fact that it is the master, something Baqer would be aware of, would be entertaining to him.

Though for goals and aspirations, he mainly just likes toying with people, no desire to grab or hold power unless it's going to get a reaction he wants(such as from the Master).
First draft of the Doctor is up in my first post. Feedback is welcome. I'm not sure if I've got him right yet...
Hehee, I was waiting for something this epic...>D Is there a possibility of playing a Doctor like River Song?
(Sorry. I was out of town for the weekend.)

@Piro: I was planning for it to be more separated, episode-like stories. The "Doomsday" storyline was EPIC...but I dare not recreate it.

@Asmo: Was not expecting a David Bowie lookalike, but that's cool. lol I love that he sits on things not meant to be sat upon. :P

@Nino: There could easily be someone like that. Maybe not River exactly. (Despite her plot significance to be EXTREMELY intriguing, She pisses me off a little sometimes. lol) I would actually LOVE for Jenny (The Doctor's "daughter") to be in this.

@TC and AI: LOVE IT. We'll talk. ^_^
I could play Jenny, if you like- and I figured about not using River Song's plot or character, just another future wife for the doctor. ^^ I'm completely obsessed with the show (since it was in black and white actually and I have all of the seasons) so if you want some other enemy ideas, I have tons of them! Like the Stone Angels, Lizardmen or the Dolx. (sp?)