doctor who or sherlock rp? bored.

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  1. Shoots the wall. Anyone wanna rp doctor who or sherlock?
  2. okay sherlock or doctor who?:bananaman: are a good source of potassium:)
  3. I've be never seem doctor who. But I can do Sherlock and yes eat your banana stay healthy
  4. okay why not?
  5. Cause I haven't seen doctor who.
  6. *laughs* I know. I meant sure I'd love to do it.
  7. Alright ill start a private message with you then.
  8. which Doctor??
  9. Which Doctor and what kind of rp would it be? ;)
  10. Want me to private message you and we can come up with our own rp?(;
  11. Sounds like fun;)
  12. Ya. So what kinda rp do you wanna do?? A fantasy romance?(; where the romance goes all the way?(;
  13. 11th would be cool. (;
  14. I think I could be a good eleven. What sort of rp would it be?
  15. If possible, wholock?
  16. Love wholock! I'm a better Sherlock if that makes a difference