Doctor Who: Into The Tardis

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    Welcome! You've entered the dangerous lair of the whovian's and now you must be fed fish fingers and custard until you perish!

    Just kidding. This is the RP thread for the above named RP (Into the TARDIS).
    Unfortunately, if you've arrived here without a character, I'm afraid you're too late.
    However, feel free to read along and make comments in the OOC!

    Unlike some RPs, this one will be set out in episodes and have a plot guided by me -
    as the game master - to certain key points which will result
    in tragic deaths, regenerations and epic explosions.
    (Yes, there will be explosions.)

    Just a reminder of the rules before we get started.
    Rules 1. No pears. Absolutely no pears allowed.
    2. Please be nice to everyone. I know it's not a problem with you guys but it's worth mentioning.
    3. Unfortunately as your GM, I have the last say in what happens.
    (However I will do my best to help you if there's a problem or something you don't like.)
    4. Although drama is encouraged in the RP, please keep squabbles to the PM's if they're for real.
    5. If you decide that you don't like this RP anymore/haven't got enough time/will be absent for a while, please let me know that you're leaving. After three days without any word, your character will be killed off.
    6. Have fun! This is the most important one. Message me or leave a comment if you have any ideas to make the story more fun and interesting.

    Now, without any further ado, episode one!

    Episode One: Industrial London

    Since the fall of Galifrey, the Doctor has had many companions, seen many monsters and saved more lives than anyone could possibly imagine. However his next regeneration results in the loss of the control of the TARDIS. It spirals out of control while in the vortex and plumets down to New Earth as what appears to be a blessed comet fore-told to save the world of the pests that now inhabit it. Some humans are pushed down into the underground stations no longer used below the city while others are forced to work for ruthless monsters in huge factories. Thankfully for the Doctor, the TARDIS crashes into one of the rebels tunnels but the Treliphr are already on his tail. Will the rebel leader trust him or will she hand him over to the murderous beasts above?

    I do believe that's all.
    Alright, guys and gals... GERONIMO!
  2. When the Tardis landed, he felt like he wanted to puke, although he couldn't quite get the liquid out, so for awhile he spent a few minutes stumbling around his dusty, smoking Tardis, hacking and wheezing like an asthmatic cat. What a terrific way to start out an adventure. Simply, wonderful.

    After getting more composed--Although how comfortable could he get when his whole world had just crashed down and crumbled around him, literally! The Tardis was in shambles! He was really really craving some...Sauce! Probably, he wasn't quite sure. And he desperately wanted a mirror. He needed to see what he looked like now obviously, and he needed a desperate change of clothing, he felt like he was being strangled by his shirt right now!

    Despite smacking into the surface of a planet at half speed, the lights of the Tardis were still on and there was only minimal damage made to the rooms nearest to the driving and control area. So it was quite easy for him to stumble into the dressing room and marvel at his new appearance. Light brown skin, stunningly pale blue eyes, and a strong--a very strong jaw actually. And his hair...Well it wasn't ginger, but it was delightfully dark brown and curly.

    His clothes...And now he knew why he felt like he was being squeezed to death. His previous form hadn't been as muscular as he was now and his clothes were comically short and horrificly tight on his skin. "I am going to have those little line thingies forev--Oh. New voice. Aaah, Eee, A E I O youu-u. Hm. That's quite nice."

    After donning a new outfit, the Doctor--No, no Fitz! He remembered being called Fitz once and at the time it had annoyed him to no end that those verbally impaired folk couldn't get his actual name right, but now it was just so...Appealing. Yeah, Fitz. That's how he would introduce himself to the inhabitants of this--

    "World..." Upon exiting the Tardis, Fitz saw that the ship had crashed into a tunnel and tunnels...Tunnels were never a great sign.
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  3. Walking through an old tunnel, as he did most "days", Sam humored himself singing old world songs, songs from years before all the underground life. He sang a Rolling Stones song, his accent slightly British as if one that spends a bit of time there,

    "I had a dream last night that I was piloting a plane
    And all the passengers were drunk and insane
    I crash landed --

    He stopped his singing, stumbling as he heard ,and felt, something crash into the tunnels not far from him. Sam started down the tunnel after the crash, not armed but knew a bit of hand to hand, but not enough if it wasn't human.

    Sam stopped dead in his tracks, and his jaw dropped. There was an odd old world phone box in the tunnel. As he stepped closer he saw a human(oid) step out, "Hello there, sir I presume?"
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  4. Fitz quickly regained his composure upon the arrival of this new person. Err--Well they looked like a person. But it was always good to do a little check. You never know when the human in front of you is actually a Slitheen or a Zygon. With a quick scan of his sonic screwdriver, Fitz's earlier assumption was confirmed.

    "Sir, would be correct!" He answered cheerfully, "Although, I would much rather prefer it, if you called me Fitz." And with that he circled around the young man, giving him a once over and deeming him worthy of further inquiry.

    "So what is all of," He waved his hands through the air and gestured at the tunnel in general, "this? I mean, this is Earth, right? Like Earth Earth? Because I don't quite remember, oh wait!" In all the excitement, Fitz had completely forgotten to refer to the Tardis for location information. He dashed back inside, before poking his head back out and giving the young man a squinty look. "Feel free to come in. But don't go any further than the lobby, I haven't seen any of my mapmaking friends in awhile, so I haven't got any updated maps. So if you get lost--just remember that I told you not to."

    "Now then, let's see if we can get this babe up and running." Fiddling with the controls for a bit, Fitz finally managed to get the navigator up and running and a brief description of his current location appeared. "New Earth. Hm. Well, " He turned back to the man. "tell me about New Earth."
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