Doctor Who: Into the TARDIS

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    Hi everyone! It's Angel_Cake here! I've been speaking with my good friend Finhawk and it's time to do what's been needed to be done for generations.

    A Doctor Who RP.

    I'm just here to see who would be interested on going on this quest - or even if anyone has some ideas that we could incorporate into the RP.

    Can't wait to hear from you and I hope you all join me: INTO THE TARDIS

    CS Thread:
    Doctor Who: Into the TARDIS

    OOC Thread:

    IC Thread:

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  2. You know how to make things fancy, don't you? o3o

    Be careful what you wish for though, the TARDIS might get crowded.
  3. Hahaha.

    I like coding. It's fun.
    Is it too fancy?​
  4. There can never be too much fanciness! >: D
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  5. Come on people!

    I didn't make it look all fancy for nothing.
    All are welcome!​
  6. Yes:bananaman:

    I would love this very much...
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  7. I am most certainly interested in taking part, though I can't guarantee I'll be able to post regularly if I do.
  8. I'm interested too...
    (Does anyone have any fish fingers and custard?)
  9. @Erayandor

    *holds up bowl of custard and tub of fish fingers*

    Tonight... WE FEAST!​
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  10. @EchoRun @Hatsune Candy @Erayandor

    Great to have the three of you on board. :3

    Yesh! A feast! (o`w´o)7 *Holds out a bag of jelly babies* Jelly baby anyone?
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  11. Fantastic! Want a banana? We should always go to a party with one!
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  12. Wait...

    *removes pears*

    No pears allowed.
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  13. Nope, no pears. Just bananas. Bananas for everyone! \(o3o)/
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  14. I can't promise an Sign Up thread online tonight however I can promise that I will be starting it.

    I look forward to travelling with you all.

    Any questions?​
  15. *Waves hand frantically* Pick me! Pick me!
  16. Yesh! Another victim! xD

    Also, should we come up with a plot before starting anything or do we just make it up as we go? What do you all think? :3
  17. I'm interested :D

    Maybe we should have a basic plot to begin with?
  18. Alright guys.

    Obviously only one of us can play the Doctor but I have an idea to rotate that around if more than one person would like to play his part.

    However it will be done in secret so that nobody knows until he/she regenerates again.

    Nobody of course except me and perhaps Finhawk if he'd like to know. ​
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