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    Doctor Who style adventure! Time travel, technology, history, herstory, monsters, mysteries, robots, romance, danger, dalecks everything except...

    ... the Doctor!

    This is a game I tried running awhile back, I'd like to see if I can start it up again.

    Our characters wake up on the Tardis, no one remembers how they got there in the first place. The Doctor is the perfect person to solve such a mystery... but his is mysteriously missing!

    The main 'plot' will be finding the Doctor, with tons of side plots and timey-wimey adventures along the way!

    Anyone interested?
  2. Well, I absolutely LOVE Doctor Who, but I have a question. How would this work? (Yeah, probably not a very good question, but I'm curious.)
  3. How? Hm, let me try and explain.

    The game starts with the PC's waking up in the Tardis. They do not remember how they got there. The game will from there work much like the show, traveling through time and space (NOT very smoothly, especially at first!) the main 'Mystery' will be, of course, finding the Doctor.

    It's up to you if you want your character to have knowledge of the Doctor or not, or perhaps even been a companion in the past. If we need some fill-in I'll make some NPC's and such. I'd like to see what kind of characters we have and go from there. :)

    What other questions do you have?
  4. That's about it. Count me in for now, I guess. Assuming this gets enough interest, that is. :)
  5. Yay ^_^ Thanks for joining in!
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  6. I'm glad I could be a part of this
  7. ^_^ Indeed. Start brewing up a character concept!

    Anyone else?
  8. Is this still running?
  9. Eeeexcellent!

    With you all here I'll get started on an OOC.
  10. Bump! Still looking for folks!
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