Doctor Who (2005)

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So, I recently found (after searching EVERYWHERE) a copy of the Doctor Who RPG and I was like, "OMG WHY HAVE I NOT DONE THIS BEFORE???"

Yep. I want to do a Doctor Who RP. Not like the RPG. Just a straight up normal RP with the Doctor, a few companions, and obviously some enemies. :)

So, interest check, here we are. How is everyone feeling this RP?
Hm, it seems interesting, of course. But it'll be a tough one to pull off, to say the least, haha.

I'm interested; if you can come up with a working plot or something, I'll probably join!

But whoever plays the Doctor will have most of the fun. :(

Maybe multiple Timelords? >:D
Ooh, I was thinking about that, Asmo. After all, several Time Lords did manage to evade being caught in the bubble of time that the Doctor put Gallifrey in...
Well, that could definitely be a possibility. :3

Would you guys rather the story be on Earth, or on another planet?
I don't think it should be limited like that location-wise. After all, Doctor Who is about travelling for the thrill of discovery, heh. We could do a lot of mini-adventure type things, some on earth, some on different planets, and some in different times.
Hmm...good point. :)

I like how you think MB.

I'll have something up in the OOC in a couple days.
I guess I'd be in, so long as I can play an excellent villain, none of that totally inept villains. (I'm thinking along the lines of Davros...hint hint XD)