Doctor Reveit Jr.'s: School of Abnormal Think and Freedom. Sigh-Up.


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As the world is full of wild things, many tend to not like in this world. Hell, some say its immoral and distasteful...Let me ask you, do you think things like being happy, full of life, and down right funky. raise up out that seat and hala 'atcha boy. Ha.
But, i digress from my previous statement. This is a problem many of us can see is, This world is meant to be a place of joy,love, care, and excitement, yes? Well, truth is all the emotion's we all feel is a way to be alive, free, happy, sad, angry, Inspired to do anything we want and how it is done is your, mine...our. Freedom to express our emotion...i was a man that believed in one thing...Human's should move forward and live, but for what if all you do is fight for survival, fight for your belief's and your pride. I was a monster back in my day as a knight of a little star north of you all. I was blinded by my past and couldn't see the truth of how the future was. That's all gone now. I was too late when it came to my future....I died. My God's just rejected me for not being Weak....I was imprisoned in a place were light and life dies. I watched as day become weeks soon months until years passed me and all i can do is watch my mind and life fall apart from the reality i once knew. I speak this story to you all cause my nightmare was not so long ago just a dream.(Okay, cut the water works and sad violin *kicks table player*). If you must know i'm a god from that little northern star and now i ask you...Who thinks being free is fun...If you say're wrong. Once you are free there is nothing better to no worries about what you like as long they don't interfere with other's freedom as well. So, Let me welcome you to my School of Abnormal think and freedom. Classes start...around noonish.

As you can see this is a story about being free to learn about what makes you free. There is five classes with a staff of six people. If you like to be a teacher or a staff member just ask me Dr. Reveit. I'm the music teacher and Dean. This is also a Anything you want to be play them. Must be things that have a story to them. Nothing to weird like a FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER. by the god's we had to re-edit all sense of logic after that fiasco. Right? America? But If you must know about something, please don't be afraid to ask...I LOVE to hear about something juicy. As a treat to those curious or brave enough to join me will get a chance to get the biggest cookie in the world also a free helping hand in your next story or play. Just know i'm a sucker for story with a beautiful end. Most my stories will have you smile, cry, and feel good about it.

Staff Parts

The Handy-man/shop teacher: Open
This part is a simple one they Must be able to fix thing's. Must be a man of a few words and the muscle of the school's strength. This part must have proud and sad back ground that lead them to fix and protect the people and home they love. Remember to also be serious about this part.

Alchemist/scientist: Open
In other words must teach the science class and be the medical person of the school. Very, odd and kinda hyper. I think they drink too much of his own potion's. This character is a hyper-active...I think too much techno in the womb. this player must make him funny, talk-active, smart, and oblivious to human ways of speech.

beast lady...Ouch. Fine i change it.
Miss give me A RIDE. Ah, Stop hitting me...Okay.

The Herbalist/animist teacher: All need for this is to have a animal festish and love weed...Ouch okay.
Just need to be a kind woman. (that hits like the hulk) Has a strong no bullshit taking way with things. Just can't tell if she is mad. really freak's me out.

The Mage/Cook:
Must me a person of high humor and a big good sense of taste. I'll let you have you fun making this one. Must be a Elf Or dark fairy.

Engineer/weapon's specialist:
Smart ass and strong type you can call him a Jar-head. Simple as well. just have him act if he is a soldier with a asshole complex. remember keep insulting witticism funny.


Listen to the few i pick as leaders, mostly me.
No fighting period.
No bullying
No one liners
No sex its just for fun also you can date.
No more than two characters. If you are a teacher. then you get three.
No Leaving with out good bye.
Remember we can be free here. Class is just to make us remember who we are.


Student. Teacher CS is a special one. i must send you it.

Race(keep it practical):
Wish of freedom:
Preference(Straight,Homosexual, Lesbian, Pan-sexual, etc.):