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  1. I would like to help people with their problems in their everyday life, from nightmares to loneliness expect doctor Gabriel to help you there and make you happy or at least help you fix your problem and help you through.

    Also i would like to make you laugh and smile while helping you:bsmile:

    And also admins if this isn't allowed please delete it.
  2. ... How is this advice? .___.;
  3. I think what he was trying to do was make a thread where people would ask for his advice and he would give it.

    Most people seeking advice just make a thread about their problems on this forum to get advice from anyone, though.
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  4. Basically what Kaga said.
    He seems to be trying to make a personal advice page, where people come to him specifically for advice.
    Though I am inclined to agree that it's probably not going to be effective because people generally just post their own topic, it might actually do some good.

    I mean just think about the act of making your own thread for the moment.
    It's announcing your problems publicly to all of Iwaku basically, creating a centralized/focused thread for everyone to zero in on their case specifically.
    Some people may want help, but at the same time not want that level of attention given to their problem either.

    A thread like this could help reduce it, the main focus being directed on the Doctor *woosh woosh* here rather than the person with the problem.
    It means less flooding of attention, so help is still being given but at a smaller and more controllable dosage.

    Plus there's the whole matter of secrecy.
    Some people may have no close friends to talk to, so if they want any help they are forced to say it publicly and hope someone wanders along.
    But if people offer it ahead of time? It can mean the person with the problem can shoot a PM, get some help without it being exposed to too many people.

    Then there's also the factor of valuing a specific persons opinion.
    Maybe you want advice, but you don't want it from just any person but specific individuals.
    Now granted in this case PM would be the most logical response, but some people might prefer to do it on a personalized advice page.
    It's all up to preference in the end though.
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  5. Hot do you deal with crazy freshman who are in your first two hours of your day? Im a senior about to get out and every day i have tot ell the freshman to shut the fuck up... what do i do?
  6. Hmm, well just ignore them or tell them that you are not interested in them.
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  7. It helps to remember you were just as, if not more, annoying as a freshman brah.

    Anyways, how am I supposed to pay for college when my family is middle income? I don't get any need based scholarships so I'm definitely going to be drowning in student loans at this point unless I find some magic part time hustle that rakes 50K a year.
  8. Hmm, Then my friend i suggest you find work, how about M'c donalds or work in store in a part time to help in the income.
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  9. There are achievement and merit based scholarships out there. Lots of them go unclaimed every year due to lack of applicants, so I'd suggest you seek them out and apply to any for which you meet the minimum qualifications.
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  10. Yes, this. Definitely this. Most scholarships seem to be a combination of merit-based and need-based anyway, in addition to there being plenty that are purely merit-based. If you've got some good test scores or essay-writing skills that you think would be good to show off, it's definitely worth applying for a few.
  11. @Brother Gabriel - I am suffering an agnostic crisis over quantum entanglement and worry that the observation of matter is entirely subjective and inextricably altered by the act of human perception.

    Please help.
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  12. You worry too much my lord, slow down and chill.

    And i know you can overcome this like any problem you have faced.
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  13. Unfortunately... Quantam entanglment does mean that both entangled particles are forced to a point of certainess when 'measured' *cries for you*
  14. You think I can overcome the problem of quantum entanglement theory?


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  15. The environment is constantly measuring you. Your wavefunction collapsed even when you were a twinkle in your father's eye.

    Also, I don't need fixing, unless you work really hard to unearth my crippling self doubt.
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  16. Well possibly. Try getting a degree in Quantum Physics, that might help your crisis

    It won't take too long. (lies blatantly)
  17. Brother Gabriel - please help Unanun fix his collapsed wavefunction.
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  18. Uhm . . . well i don't know how to fix a collapsed wavefunction.
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