Do you want to rob a bank?

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  1. So Payday 2 is free to play this weekend on Steam and I've been eager to try it.
    Anyone want to join up and rob a bank?

    Steam ID: addictX360
  2. I have PD2 for the xbox 360, and it is one of the best games I've played, IMO.

    My only complaint is that the damn drill takes forever to break the safe, and it keeps breaking down. Oh, and that taking the money out of the lockboxes takes too long, too.

    I'm sure they're trying to be realistic, but still.

    (On a side note, here is a funny PD2 parody)

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  3. lol.
    I've just been playing it for 14 hours straight and this is really accurate.

    And wait... Did they just call one of the staff Gonzo?
    *Eyes you suspiciously*
  4. I'd be up for playing some Payday2 some time...

    Robbing the BANK is a BITCH though :P

    I'm Myrnodyn on steam as well.
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  5. But I have been..

    GTA Online Heists dropped a couple of days ago..

    Holy shit dodging missiles from fighter jets in a prop plane was intense.
  6. Purely coincidence!
  7. Kk, I'll be sure to send you a request.
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