INTEREST CHECK Do you want to CHAT ROLEPLAY? I need your ideal times!

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  1. Hi there! :D I run group CHAT ROLEPLAYS, Charps for short. My roleplays are always chat newbie friendly, roleplay newbie friendly, and great for people that want to relax and play for a few hours.


    I'd like to be able to schedule a few charps for people in timezones that keep missing out on events.

    So tell me:

    - If you really want to be in a CHARP!

    - What timezone you are in.

    - What days of the week you have at least 5 free hours to play.

    - What time of the day you are free to play.

    - And what genres and kind of roleplays you enjoy!
  2. I'm in the Central Time Zone, most weekdays I'm free from noon to 7pm. Weekends I work the graveyard shift so if there's another night owl out there I'd certainly Charp with them.

    In the past I've done realistic, fantasy, and sci-fi RPs. Anything, really.
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  3. Hmm..I think I could get on the whole week. I'm interested.
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  4. I haven't 'charped' in a long time, not since the olden days of MSNger and Yahoo. But it may serve as an interesting method of dusting off my skills while providing quick and easy role-play in-between forum posts.

    My timezone is Central GMT-6:00 and I can be active at different times of the day where needed, throughout the entire week, typically from noon to midnight and the odd mornings I'm still alive!
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  5. I've thoroughly enjoyed all the chat rps I've been a part of, though I haven't been in one recently.

    I'm available most days, and Tuesdays are always open. I'm in Mountain Standard Time, and am able to play into the wee hours of the night.

    Fantasy is my forté, modern or traditional. I'm also down with sci-fi genres if they don't become too technological. Space talk is fine and all, but start bringing in engine specs and I get confused…
  6. can you explain what you mean by chat roleplay? :>
  7. A chat roleplay takes place in one of our Chat Rooms! It's just like forum roleplay, but it's in real time so you have to post shorter posts at a quick pace. They go from start to finish the span of a couple hours, and sometimes have sequels depending on the story and Game Master.