Do you want to build a snowman?

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  1. So I finally admit my love for the movie Frozen.

    Which was shamefully brought to light as I buried myself in random fan-fiction on my day off today.

    So in the spirit of all things snowy and cold I propose a cross over between Frozen and Rise of the Guardians.

    Because you know...They just work so well.

    Any who.

    If anyone is interested please send me a message or respond right below.
  2. Ahhh! That sounds awesome! May I join? I'm still fairly new, but I've done it before!
  3. Aha, yes! :)

    Do you have any ideas you'd like to play out?
  4. Oh I wanna join! Frozen and ROTG are two of my all time favorite movies!
  5. Ooo! Well, you know how ***SPOILER ALERTS (for anyone who might not have seen it) Jack was playing with his sister, and sunk beneath the ice? What if his sister was actually Elsa?

    Or did you want to do something that included theme/setting/instance (etc.), but with different characters? Just some ideas :)
  6. We can't have Elsa be Jack's sister. They would make no sense. Elsa and Anna are sisters and they live in a different place
  7. Well, I mean it is a cross over between the two something could have put Elsa in a different place.... You have any other ideas?
  8. Hmmm, we could do a cross over via group setting. But what about this?
    In this setting Han's is some sort of spawn (or tool) of Pitch's an he more of less takes over Anna and Elsa's kingdom under the guise of a false marriage to Anna. Elsa has been exiled and its thought that Anna was kept in a dungeon. Due to pitches control starting to take hold and spread we have the Guardian's step in.

    In the beginning we could start it off as the group busting Anna out but we'd have to play cannon.

    From there its their odd party of various npc characters from both sides vs pitch and his goons.
  9. Yea. I like that a lot better... quick question... what's an ncp?
  10. Npc stands for non playable chatacter but in this instance it would generally be characters that are unassigned to players and each of us can manipulate if the need arises.
  11. Ahh. I see. Thanks!
  12. This idea sounds fun! I like the idea of Hans being a Pitch tool.

    So would be rping all the characters? Like Olaf?
  13. We'd each pick a main ie:'Anna, Elsa, Jack, ect. Whoever you wish and any unused characters can be free characters for anyone to use if needed. I'll double as a main and play DM to keep the plot moving. I'll set something up tomorrow since it's my day off.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.