Do you visit other roleplay sites?

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Do you visit other roleplay sites?

  1. Yes! And I will put in my siggy just for you!

  2. Yes! But those people are scary and I dun wanna advertise there!

  3. No! Iwaku is my only roleplay home!

  4. There's other roleplay forums out there?!

  1. This is merely a statistics poll! :D
  2. Well, it'd be more accurate to say I "have" and I "will", or that I'm "In the habit of doing so"...I haven't really done any visiting all that recently nor right now...and the places I've visited, I haven't liked enough to be nearly as dedicated (ha ha) as I am here...
  3. DIANA!!!! I want a picture of the word "IWAKU" That you click and brings you to the site for my siggies!!!!~
  4. Everyone can click Here to get images to link in siggies! :D
  5. YEAH RIGHT! Just hold up! I'M BANNED EVERYWHERE! Other than RPA that is, and I can't break Gabe's heart!
  6. I'm running this pretty big game on my other forum, but most of the people there suck. :(
  7. Iwaku is the one, Iwaku is the only Here I make my home, Here I am among my own.
  8. used to, but they all died.
  9. I was on a couple others a long time ago, but now Iwaku's really the only spot I do me some RPing.

    Hell, I like it here a lot more than the others sites, anyways. They were all far too elitist, whilst Iwaku's got a good atmosphere to it.
  10. I haven't been to another RP site in years.
  11. Iwaku is by far the best Roleplay site. I was a member at RPGC for a while before I came here though, but now all my rp is done here.

    I'm constantly trying to recruit people from there, and I'll keep it up until they ban me.
  12. Gwen

    She bit her lip “This is a no good situation for either of you.” She shook her head and finally claimed “I do think that it may be better for Jay to handle it. Besides, I’d rather you not go without informing Belle of it, because she may do something rash.” She’d rather not think about it. Belle was usually very level headed, even for someone high in the sky, but Gwen knew that wasn’t pretty.


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  13. I did a tour in my hiatus from here, the only rp site I found that didn't suck was RPA, but it just wasn't...home. iwaku is home. I don't feel like I have to constantly watch what I say here or try to impress anyone. You all have seen me rant and whine and flake out and miss important crap in replying to other peoples posts but I've never felt anything but welcome here. Even around so many better writers, I don't feel intimidated.

    Snuggles for everyone!

  14. The only other rp forum I am on is my friend's rp forum, and I have a link to here in my sig there and I have a link to there in my sig here.
  15. Iwaku is the only Roleplaying site I'm at, and probably will ever be at. This is the closet I've come to being part of a group or society, and I've still got a long ways to go.
  16. There's other RP forums out there? NO WAI.
  17. You wouldn't believe how many there are. There's actually a whole RPG directory, where people post links to RPG forums. Which is how I found here, I think Diana posted it. I'm not sure.
    Most of them are boring though, because they only deal with one subject.
  18. RGPC defector/deserter right here.
  19. I found Iwaku when PAOROU came and joined the one that I belonged to. That was YEARS ago now. YEARS.

    I joined Iwaku briefly & had it bookmarked, but didn't really become heavily involved because the layout was too damn confusing >:(! This was of the way earlier incarnations of Iwaku, too. Cuz that one other guy ran it, then Diana became Bitchlord and then there was THE EXODUS.

    There were a couple other places I RP...but mostly it's just friends joking around and stuff...I haven't actually SERIOUSLY LOOKED for any other places in a while...
  20. This is a roleplaying forum!?