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Do you use the "Roleplay Advertisement" thread?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Jun 16, 2010.


Do you use the "Roleplay Advertisement" thread in the RP OOCs?

  1. Yes, to quick browse new roleplays to join.

  2. Yes, to advertise my roleplay.

  3. No, I never bother looking at it, I just browse the OOC.

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  1. John

    "It gets worse." He turned the report over to the back and read it. "He describes what little he could remember. 'The man carrying the body had a patch on his jacket that looked like crossed spears. I could not find any record of such logo which brings me to believe that the taking away of this man was part of a conspiracy with the government or perhaps a cult.' "

    He turned to Belle. "The crossed spears symbol, that's the company logo we use when we need an undercover alias organization, Belle. Whoever took Morty, was from Cloak." He continued reading. " 'whoever was in charge of cleaning up this warehouse didn't leave any clues, but upon searching the perimeter I found something that was dropped in the bushes outside the doors that I saw the man carry the body out of. It's a Swiss army knife with a WM or a MW on it. I'm not sure which is the correct one but I believe these to be the initials of the owner. I plan to hold onto this knife so I may continue looking into this if I find any new evidence.' "

    He turned to Belle again. "This report wasn't posted anywhere. This was a conspiracy theorist's blog but considering how he is still posting things, Cloak never found out about it."


    He squeezed her hand gently, almost like he was afraid to squeeze it. "I appreciate that, Gwen, I really do. But I wouldn't want to even put that burden on anyone's shoulders, especially the woman I love."
  2. (It's all good :)


    "Well sometimes telling a story can help with emotional release you know?" I smile gently "Although I understand. What happened here was absolutely horrific." I wish it could have been avoided, and that I wasn't apart of it. I bite my lip at her words about how she actually ended up getting to this point in her life. Although I am curious, I decide not to ask

    "To be fairly honest, I think I'm going to have a similar experience. That how I got here was more of a story than what happened here." I don't know if that's entirely true, because both are insane, but I have a feeling I'm more prone to open up about being kidnapper than being tortured. I grimace
  3. Errr...lets call this a game day. I post tomorrow. >.<
  4. I also forget it exists, but think it's a cool feature.
  5. It should be made into an annoucement. Might help get people's attention more often.
  6. If they don't bother looking at it as a sticky, I find it hard to believe they would if it was an announcement either. .___.;
  7. make it flash neon if theres new posts
  8. Yes. To advertise my shit.

    Never used it for a long while now, though, or RP, for that matter... lol
  9. Thread sucks.

    Make it eat shit and die.
  10. I'd delete it as a thread, and instead MASS PM it, and include it in the news letters. It's more likely to get some face time then.
  11. Alexander
    "That is very true...unless they locked it up. But then it would be hard for them to get back in."i say then looked at her leaning back the chair thinking. This plaxe was huge so they had to have a place the question is....were would be a SAFE place to put them.
    "Wanna make a bet on were they are going to put him?" I asked," i vote basement."

    "Alright ill watch it..i trust your taste in movies." I say with a grin," even if its a little bizar...so far the law and order show you picked has been pretty good."
    I again didn't know alot of movies...there wasn't time in the military base. She laughed suddenly and i tilted my head wondering what so funny. I found it funny because i see her tilte her head at me as i spunn I had spunn in the chair
    "Whats so funny?" I asked curious. She then talked about sneaking out using an excuse
    "That's a great idea Watson." I say with a wink back to her.

    (Aww! So cute)
    I am surpsied as he suddenly tried to pick me up but then relaxed as he had me and had actually snuggled up to him. I closed my eyes tired from everything today and running. I quickly start to fall asleep as he laid me down on the sofa. He asked if it was better.
    "Yes...." i amswered half asleep. I felt him move hair away from my face and i gently grabbed his hand still half asleep and my eyes closed


    I looked at him...and tilted my head. He then says that he is fine and i nod.
    "You sure you're alright?" I say seeing his expression and gently take his hand
    "You know you...can also tell me if something if bugging you right? Although i understand if you are just tired and thats whats wrong."" I say repeating the words he had to me.
  12. Awesome idea, that.

    I stopped using it a long time ago. Seems better to just browse, but Mass PMing it with the Newsletter will get it all up in peoples' faces and make them read (and hopefully join) the many RPs our members start.
  13. Gwen

    "Let's just hope they made where we will be staying less creepy." She mumbled


    She scoffed "You clearly haven't seen me hungover." She teased him as she started out into the hallway.
  14. Jason

    "You seem pretty messed up to me."
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