Do you use the "Roleplay Advertisement" thread?

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Do you use the "Roleplay Advertisement" thread in the RP OOCs?

  1. Yes, to quick browse new roleplays to join.

  2. Yes, to advertise my roleplay.

  3. No, I never bother looking at it, I just browse the OOC.

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  1. This is just to see if that thread is worth keeping and doing it's job. c__c
  2. I routinely forget it exists.
  3. I know it's there, but I just usually browse the OOCs. ^_^
  4. I also forget it exists, but think it's a cool feature.
  5. It should be made into an annoucement. Might help get people's attention more often.
  6. If they don't bother looking at it as a sticky, I find it hard to believe they would if it was an announcement either. .___.;
  7. make it flash neon if theres new posts
  8. Yes. To advertise my shit.

    Never used it for a long while now, though, or RP, for that matter... lol
  9. Thread sucks.

    Make it eat shit and die.
  10. I'd delete it as a thread, and instead MASS PM it, and include it in the news letters. It's more likely to get some face time then.
  11. I don't look at it but then I hardly look at stickies anyway.
  12. Awesome idea, that.

    I stopped using it a long time ago. Seems better to just browse, but Mass PMing it with the Newsletter will get it all up in peoples' faces and make them read (and hopefully join) the many RPs our members start.
  13. I didn't even know that thread existed... o__o
  14. /sobsob/
    And we used to work so hard on it, too x.X
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