Do you stalk your favorite Iwaku Member?

Do you stalk your fav Iwaku members?

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I stalk all the taken guys.

*Looks at Gibs, Oct, Vay, And of course, Ryker*
I'm currently stalking Tain. >:D
no.. not anymore.

i now usually ask vay if he had already posted, and then i usually ask him if coffee has already posted something that's relevant to what we're posting. so yeah... ^_^
Haha :D
I'm so busted.
I stalk anyone I'm infatuated withh for the dayy ;)
Which pretty much means, if I like you a lott OR I like reading your posts X)
*Stalks Amp*
*Stalks vay like a hunter stalking his favored quarry*

Here xeno xeno xeno, I got some nice xeno food for you right here

*hides the nemesis eviscerator behind his back*
I leave things for Coffee - little jokes and intellectual references that only he would have the patience to understand.


When anyone leaves a reference I get, I'm usually smiling quietly on the other end. Sometimes I even literally laugh aloud.


I leave things for whoever won't vomit.