Do you stalk your favorite Iwaku Member?

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Do you stalk your fav Iwaku members?

  1. Heck yes! I follow them everywhere!

  2. What? No way! That's crazy!

  3. ....well NOW I am!

  4. I... I try not to! B-but they're just so cool!

  1. This is a POLL! :D

    I stalk ALL the members, but I have to. t___t;

    Do you ever find yourself looking up the latest posts or activity or your favorite Iwaku members? Just so you can reply to their posts, topics, or join up/read their roleplays?

    Who are you currently stalking? >:D
  2. HELL yes, but those who I stalk know who they are...I'm not shy.
  3. IT'S J0000011!!!11.

    Well actually I am no uber stalker. But when someone of interest gets on I can't help but try to muster up a few conversation starters. Most of the time though these conversation starters actually turn into productive meetings XD. (This is so born out of that MSN stalking I did right Di?)

    Anywho back to shiftily watching my subjects.
  4. Twa? No, I do not/
  5. So far I don't have a favorite and I highly doubt I'm anyone's favorite. So no I'm not stalking anyone on Iwaku (Angelic, Imp, and Mosaic don't count).
  6. I can't say I do. It's more about the title/subject of the thread than who opens it.

    Maybe when Liquid Queen still was on here.
  7. Alarice, of course. She's my new bestest buddy and she found me because Diana never posts on a regular basis since she's like aways sick or something.
  8. I'm EVERYONE'S stalker.

    *Chuckles evilly*
  9. I don't follow members around to the extent you said, but I do have people that I like to talk to because it makes me lol. Usually I'll harass them in the cbox, or occasionally on MSN (I'm only counting convos I start).

    Stop LOOKING at me like that.
  10. And I am your stalker! ~.^;''
  11. Nope. Not a stalker.

    Don't mind being stalked, though. <.<
  12. Mmmmmmm, yes, I know, because I stalk you when you stalk me stalking you. It's a beautiful thing, like a dog chasing its tail.
  13. I can stalk myself to make myself feel better!

    It's so easy.

    *Sitting in a chair, whispering conspiratorially to himself*

    Hasn't moved for a while. Nothing to report.

    *Opens another soda*
  14. I stalk myself...

    Mainly since I don't often remember where I've posted last and I'm curious.

    A while back I'd stalk certain threads or RPs just to see what others would say on a topic, but I don't do that so much anymore.
  15. *Presents Woodrat to the new members*

    Now folks! You might've heard about them; Woodrat here, is a lurker.
  16. So that's where all those plot-holes from my fan fic came from. *lights a torch and grabs my fork*
  17. Flare, you're so a stalker. You stalk me all the time.
    But, I never really stalked anyone; no do I plan to.
  18. I hang out with my favorite members...Does that count as stalking?
  19. Such a beautiful thing! <333

    HEHE! =^-^=