Do you speak your mind?

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Regardless of the company you are in, do you speak your mind (voice your opinion) in public settings?

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I usually, in most cases, am found to keep it inside my head. I end up smiling like a creep often thought, because it's dark, odd, or random what it is I wanted to say.~
I tend to speak my mind too much, it has gotten me in trouble occasionally, because I have poor judgment when it comes to when it is appropriate to say what.

Having said that, there ARE times when I think before I speak, and try to be diplomatic.
I used to. I used to act in any manner that felt natural to me, and damn the consequences. Many seemed to like and admire my sense of independence and identity.

I'm slowly starting to realize that that's a luxury afforded to the naive or those who have a great deal of clout and ability to back it up with. I actually was dubbed with the new playful nickname "Wildcard" by my colleagues for my unpredictability. I don't think this is necessarily a good thing in my job, where being very methodical is a greater virtue than being a cowboy. Cowboy doctors only make it in the field because they're insanely good. I still need to build up the ability to backup being a Wildcard.

When that happens, I'm totally gonna use the Wildcard thing to piss off the chain of command. =)
No. Because I care a great deal about other people's feelings and about what other people think of me. .____.;

A) I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. A lot of the time my initial thoughts are kinda rude, not nice, etc. An inappropriate joke, sarcasm, etc. I'm not trying to be an asshole or anything, but it comes off that way. .___.;

B) I want to avoid needless arguments or confrontation. I don't LIKE to argue or fight about stuff. So I will avoid it, but not speaking my honest opinion over something if it directly contracts the opinion of someone I know will make a big deal about it or will get pissed off, etc. Even when I dun like someone, I usually just back off and flat out not ever speak to them, instead of putting myself through the motions. And now you know my secret. XD If I flat out refuse to talk to you or acknowledge your existence, I don't like you. >:D


C) I really do care about how people think of me. c___c I don't want people to think I am an asshole and I want to be their friends and I want everyone to like me and fill my emotastic hollow void of self confidence. t________t So I learn very fast who I can be blunt with and who I can't.
I don't speak my mind when I think that it will upset someone in some way. No matter how much they're annoying me, I don't generally like to hurt others so those words I keep in check.
I wish I could speak in the affirmative, but alas I cannot.
I often do. Usually, in public, I'm the more quiet one, unless I'm in a very involved discussion. There have been many a time I've blurted out something in response to what someone said, only to get the "O___O" look from my friends. Mainly because they didn't think I had it in me.

But when I -am- with my friends, I always speak my mind. The problem is, I don't usually filter what I say, nor check and see if it makes sense, since I often connect two and two together through a system of thought. For example, *New shoes ->leather -> cows -> milk -> ice cream* "Do you like my shoes?" "Yeah, they remind me of my favorite ice cream." "...wha-?"
It depends on the company I'm in. If there are people I don't know, or if speaking my mind will offend/hurt someone, I usually won't. In most other circumstances I'll speak my mind (usually in groups of close friends, or at poker night...there have been some incredibly interesting conversations around that poker table, haha).
o_o...*Thinks back to his days on the staff*

"Ban the fucker already!"
"I'm sick of seeing Insanity dominate an RP FORUM!"
"I don't believe it. You can't seriously be considering this!?"

...Once upon I didn't really care who I pissed off when I believed strongly enough about something. I'd just outright say that. It made me a rather confrontational person, and looking back it was certainly not the best way to do it. I try to be a bit more subtle nowadays when I feel really strongly about something and decided to speak my mind.

Other than that, sometimes yeah, sometimes no.
Depending on the situation, but yes, I do. With varying degrees of tact. Sometimes I feel my words must be known in full, sometimes I feel some restraint is called for. I can't give you an all encompassing answer because that's too vague and could give the wrong answer at the wrong time.
To reference Francis Coppola's "The Godfather," after the meeting with Sollozo - Don Corleone chastises Sonny for speaking out of turn.

"Never tell anyone outside the Family what you are thinking..."

With that said, I say what I mean, and mean what I say.
Based on the fact I generally have to ask other people if I have offended a person - I would have to say I speak my mind.
For me it depends on the company I'm in and the situation I am in. Sometimes I will speak my mind, plain and simple, to get a point across. But really, just naturally, I tend to be a listener. There is a fine line that needs to be met when it comes to speaking your mind in public. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, yes, but there is a point where it can be just rude. I should get used to finding that line and walking it as it will be a lot of what I will probably need in the profession I'm going into. I have to have a good balance between listening to what is being told to me, and then giving my opinion of what may be best (of course mostly suggested as I cannot force the people to do what they dont want to, but clinical judgement but be heard!)

Besides...i'm usually quiet in a public setting. Anyone who's group skyped with me know this! unless i'm tipsy/drunk...then all bets might be off >.>

95% of the time, I'll say it straight out. Just because I'd hate it if people wouldn't do the same for me. "I don't care what people think" is basically what my brotherly cousins try to infuse into me. Basically not being afraid of people think or say because of your honesty~

Also, I think if I'm honest, I'll only make friends with people who are accepting that honesty? (even though surprisingly, i dont have enemies yet.)

Then again, I rarely think mean things about a person? Like, say I want to tell someone that they really bug me, I'll just be like "You really bug me because ____" so I guess I make it sound reasonable?

I'm generally not rude (I think?) so it goes well for me. But normally, I think, if it didn't go so well for me, I would suggest people to try and be straightforward, but use wisdom in the way in which they say certain things?
Sometimes. I try not to hurt people's feelings, but sometimes I just say the first thing that comes into my head, and it's often something sarcastic. :/
I find myself unable to speak my mind in any group because most people just talk all over me and about their problems to me so fast I can only try not to fall asleep while listening. WHY THE FUCK DO THEY THINK I AM THEIR COUNSELOR WHEN THEY DONT EVEN LET ME TALK..fuckers.! x_X
I try to, but I try to avoid unnecessary arguments as much as possible, but sometimes I just get way to mad with people shitting over my head just cause I didn't step up at the beggining, the thing is at the beggining it was small stuff and unwothy of having an argument about it, or so I thought, I am talking about all relations in general, personal and professional.
A word of advice people, be respectfull but never let anyone shit over your head!!!