Do you say 'ty-ota' or 'toy-ota'?

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do you say

  1. Ty-ota

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  2. Toy-ota

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  1. About the car company, durr

    I often find myself saying 'Ty-ota' o.o
  2. Where's the to-yo-ta option for people who say it properly in the original Japanese style? D:<

    But for real, I say it like toy-ota.
  3. Toy-ota. I had no idea there was another way to pronounce it o_o
  4. I'm pree sure 'Ty-ota' isn't correct, just a product of slang, accent, and enunciation slurs. Like saying Toronto 'Trawna'
  5. To-yo-ta.

    That's actually the common way to say it over here.
  6. Toe-yo-ta?
  7. Both, sometimes. I kinda get it mixed up in my head, so I end up saying both.
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  8. Basically, yeah. That's how it's pronounced in Japan, I believe.
  9. To-yo-ta. There's no other way to pronounce it in my language.
  10. Toy-yota.
  11. Where I'm from, we pretty much pronounce it to-yo-ta, but it sounds more like tu-yo-ta.
  12. To-yo-ta.
  14. Toy-oh-duh
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Toy - ota :)

    Off topic: I heard that they build a Toyota in 14 hours, but to build a Bentley it takeS six months :))

    Let that sink in for a minute ..:))
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