Do you remember the first person you had a crush on?

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Do you remember the very first person you had a crush on?

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  3. I have never had a crush.

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    I was such a flirty little girl. I remember my first crush was in Kindergarten. >>;; It was a dramatic one day affair during some sort of multi-school event. I met him while we were walking around in circles on a big field and we were going to get married. I dun remember his name or anything else. I just remember that day lasting forever and that I planned to move to his school so we could be together forever. o___o
  2. Real person, that isn't Harrison Ford? Matt Medcalf. He was dreamy! He had spikey hair, a rat tail and was a future jock, you could tell! But he was nice too!
  3. I probably had a tiny crush on a girl in kindergarten, but my first real crush, the first time I was really head over heels for a girl, happened in summer school between middle and high school. That's when we met anyway. She was adorable with freckles and super long red hair. We were both dumb and flirted for like two years and eventually she seemed to get sick of me and told me to go away. And then she moved away and I never saw her again. Missed my chance, there. Oh well.
  4. When I went to camp one summer, there was this exchange student from Spain who was volunteering as a camp counselor.
    He has a very complex name and most of us just gave up and called him Nacho. He was awesome and taught me how to row a boat.
  5. I do.

    I met this girl when I was about seven years old. She lived a block from me and we hung out all the time. After attending a wedding, since she and I had been holding hands we assumed that we got married too. Went to school the next day wearing coin machine rings to show everyone that we got married. Course, we didn't, but what the hell do little kids know? I remember she and I were going to get a house, in which we did (took the form of my shed in the back yard), she brought dolls over and we acted like a married couple.

    Lasted for three days until we decided being married wasn't as much fun as being little kids who got ice cream all over their faces.
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  6. I was in 4th grade. I took a while to get into boys and romance because I was occupied by my video games, stuffed animals, and the worms in my front yard. I was so shy and afraid of everybody most of my childhood days, the last thing I could think about was liking boys!

    There was this ginger boy named Calvin. I knew him in 2nd and 3rd grade already, so we were at least acquaintances. Over time, he became nicer to me and would actually go out of his way to talk to me. I'd be having conversations with a lone kick ball on the school playground, then he'd show up saying hi. Then one day he came up to me wearing his rollerblade while I was just sitting there waiting for recess to end. He took my hand, said "Come with me, Andrea" and started showing me some tricks he taught himself on the rollerblades. For some reason, he really wanted my approval. Being that young, I did think he was pretty fly. That kid had some moves.

    We were kind of pretend boyfriend and girlfriend, but we saw less of each other eventually. He spent half the school days somewhere else, I forget where, but it had to do with gifted kids. When I finished 4th grade, I moved. Never saw him again.

    What's funny is I still kinda miss him. xD If I wasn't being bullied in that horrible Texas school, I was just invisible. He really saved me by being my friend. So much so that to this day, I can remember him still.

    ... Goddammit, why is my first crush experience so sappy? >:[
  7. I haven't had my first crush. However I do remember the first confession I received, does that count?

    Anyway, story goes back to the time I was six/seven years old. Short bob hair and often mistaken for my gender. I had been running around all day with a girl, getting along and etc. Never would I have thought she would think I was a boy. So like most boys back in that age they often avoided girls because they had 'cooties'. And since we've a lot of boys in the neighbourhood the girl was often playing on her own. Cue for me to enter with my baggy trousers, short hair and tomboyish personality.

    In the end she hugged me spontaneously and said she 'loved' me. Awkward. So I tried to push her off and said that I'm a girl. Hoping that she would stop 'loving' me. She didn't believe me and I had to call my siblings out to confirm I was a girl. In the end she avoided me because she thought I lied to her.
  8. Hahahaha!
    First grade.
    I was so proud to have a crush.
    Practically told the entire class.
    And we were classmates...
    Now that I think about it,
    I might have caused the dude
    a lot of awkward moments.

    And he wasn't even special or anything.
    His nose kept on running,
    and he was not particularly bright.
    I think I liked him for the sake of liking him.

    Good times, good times.
  9. My first were in kindergarten, I remember that we were together until he changed kindergarten and we didn't meet before 4th or 5th grade again. But I don't remember at all what we did. My friend told me that she remembered that I was clingy and always went around kissing him. xD I'm kind of scared of my childhood me.
  10. My first crush was in Grade 2, on one of my classmates. We stayed together-ish until I moved in Grade 6. Basically on the day I moved, they admitted they wanted to go out with my best friend, and I was totally down for that. So that was the end of our relationship.

    However, as we got older, the rest of class thought it was so hilarious that we had actually dated, and they were picked on because of it. Picked on because at one point they had liked me.

    <-- Was obviously not well liked at said school

    In an attempt to avoid being bullied, they denied ever liking me, dragged my name through the mud, and basically tried to make it seem like I was the worst human being on the planet that no one could ever like. It didn't help with the bullying, but they kept trying.
  11. I was in first grade. There was a girl at my church who was a year or two older than me who I looked up to as a fellow troublemaker. She and one of her friends decided I had a crush on her and convinced me it was true. I spent the next fifteen years struggling to differentiate feelings of friendship and romantic feelings towards women. Though there is one funny incident that came out of the whole deal - we were troublemakers remember, partners in crime so to speak - my first crush is not something I look back on fondly.
  12. Felt the same way twice.
    Both had been my best friend at some point.
    I'd tease 'em about it and we'd all just laugh it off.
    Until now, I can never figure out if I had love-friended or love-loved them.
    But to put my mind at ease,
    I just say they're both kinds are the same.
  13. Fifth grade. Her name isn't common, and won't be mentioned here. I first came to know her in first grade, but didn't really "notice" girls at that age.

    That whole "cooties" thing is something I never bought into.

    Sadly, she ended up moving away after the end of the school year, and I haven't seen her again
  14. My first crush is my bestest friend in the whole wide world.

    Me and her were diaper buddies, as they baby sat me when I was a little kid and I played with her.

    We used to take turns seeing how boys pee and how girls pee by watching each other pee on the bathroom lol.

    Now we go boy watching together and make obscene groping gestures when we see a hot guy with a nice ass.

    Then we very conspicuously shout, "DO HE GOT THE BOOTY? HE DO!"
  15. I remember my first crush. It was back in Preschool. Kurt. Blonde hair, blue eyes. We used to share snacks and he would always sit beside me and hold my hand during story time. He was my first kiss.
  16. My first crush was when I was 13 (I was an uncommonly practical child who thought elementary school romances were silly). She was a red-haired brown-eyed girl who transferred into my seventh grade class and I was immediately attracted to her. We became best friends and I was in a constant state of puppy love for years. Of course it took me a while to realize it was a full-blown romantic attraction and not just really intense friend love as I hadn't yet pieced together the fact that I was gay.
  17. The first real crush I had was when I was fourteen. I still love that girl.
  18. Yes, but vaguely. I don't even know her name. It was in daycare, and there was this little blonde girl (I was little too at the time, so I don't know why I stressed "little") and she got me to play "House" in the backyard playground of our sitter/caregiver/supervisor/whatever. She made me eat leaves (it was supposed to be a salad).
  19. There was this girl named Avery in Elementary school. She was one of my teachers' daughters, but I really liked her.

    On the other hand, there was a girl named Desare who had a crush on me. I was young and stupid and all like "naw bruh girls are gross"

    So that's my story.
  20. I remember the girl I liked. She invited me to play a board game or something when it was one of those 'end of term' lessons where the teacher just lets you mess around. I think I was just amazed that someone was actually making the effort to include me in their circle of friends and actually get me to be a bit more friendly towards people.

    I never said anything and continued to just be the token 'antisocial prat' of the group. Did my best to suppress my feelings because she wasn't interested in romance. Tried to spit it out before prom for closure or to just get it off of my chest, still couldn't say anything despite knowing it was the last chance I'd get.
    She ignored my messages when I just genuinely tried to have a friendly conversation with her, I took the hint, and we haven't even so much as made eye contact since then.

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