Do you remember the first confession someone made to you?

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So do you?

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  1. After reading a few posts in the DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST CRUSH? thread, I thought having this thread would be interesting too.

    The first time a girl confessed to be was in Ninth Grade. I was that awkward kid that looked weird until puberty hit me and then I remember I was really popular with girls until I got big again after an asthma attack in college.

    The first time a girl confessed to me was at a home basket ball game. she gave me her number and I told her I would call get when I get home. I thought she was pretty, too.

    I promptly put away the note in my pocket of my shorts and then washed then immediately when I got home since we had a game the following day. Number gone. Forever.

    The first time a guy confessed to be was in my first year of college.

    He cornered me in the bathroom and tried to pull my pants down to do stuff.

    I kicked him in the balls and never hung out with him again.
  2. Hahaha. Do I ever.

    I had a 'friend' in grades 7-8. He knew I was uncomfortable around men, so he pretended to be gay for two years so he could be close to me. Since I was naive and desperately wanted friends, and since I thought he was gay and just joking, I let him touch me in ways you should not let people touch you. Eventually he confessed to me that he was indeed not gay, but that he was in love with me. Then he guilt tripped me until I said 'yes' and was extremely territorial. My other friend at the time told me to stop doing what I was doing because it wasn't good, so I did.

    Then he went on a rampage, telling the entire school that my friend and I were lesbians (which I turned out to be, but I was 13 at the time and was in a Catholic school,) stalking me, calling my house 10+ times a day begging me to 'take him back,' and then sent me a series of awful e-mails telling me - in detail - all the various ways that I should kill myself.

    I attract really crazy people.

    First time a girl confessed to me was in 9th grade. I was deep in the closet and told her I didn't feel the same way. Then she got a boyfriend who was an asshole and nobody liked.

    Adventures in middle school.
  3. OH MY GOD. AMEN. I went to a Christian school.

    I confessed to a guy who I knew was gay. He didn't have the same feelings.

    He tried to get me expelled by spreading these rumors. Luckily I had most of the teachers tied around my fingers by being teacher's pet with all of them.

    Then he outed my really cool lesbian friend and she was expelled.

    I don't talk to him.
  4. The first time someone confessed to me was a little less than two years ago. We were talking via Skype one evening and she linked me to the Rin Kagamine song "I like you I love you." I liked her too, so after watching the incredibly adorable video I told her that. We went out for a month but, for reasons that could have been foreseen but weren't anyone's fault, it didn't work out.

    Unless we count more subtle things. In 7th grade there was this girl I liked, and then at the end of the year she wrote her number in my yearbook and a short message "call me sometime." Being my socially anxious introverted self, I didn't.
  5. Holy shit. I had teachers that wouldn't let me and my best friend at the time hug or sit close to one another (at some point we just went 'fuck it' and embraced the lesbian rumors,) but I don't remember anyone getting expelled for being gay at my school. That's horrible. :(
  6. Well everyone kinda knew she was a lesbian and the teachers saw her as a troubled girl for all the teasing and saw her as a girl to reform but he outed her when he caught her making out with another girl. That was the proverbial nail in the coffin.

    Kinda gave you misinformation, didn't I?
  7. Geez~ It was just three years ago, actually. I was a junior in high school and had a friend who introduced me to a friend of his that he knew since forever. We were all people who wrote stories so that was one thing we all had in common. After a few weeks of hanging out after school my other friend started the "you two look so cute together" talk and I was like okay. So this goes on for a while and I never picked up any hints or anything that he was interested, plus my guard goes way up when I'm around guys.
    So, one day, I'm walking with him behind everybody else down by the front of the school. He confesses something like, "I like you and you like me so let's do something about it". Up until that point, I never ever got that kind of attention so you can imagine my reaction. Sadly, I realized later that day I did not feel that strongly about him so, the next day I told him that I only liked him as a friend. He took it gracefully, but I felt like such a jerk. Plus, he had bought a bracelet for me and still gave it to me afterwards. I wore it until it broke one sad day...
  8. OMG yes.

    I had this friend named Lexi. She and I were best friends (not as close as Hawk and I but eh), since were were twelve and eleven. One day, when I was about nineteen, she called me up one night confessing that she loved me.

    Well, that would have been dandy had I not been engaged during the time. But another kick in the teeth was that I didn't hold the same affections for her, in fact I was pissed with her. She had decided to run off with this bloke that I knew to be an asshole, and something more than I am willing to get into. That confession led to yet another; she had been sneaking around with one of my now ex-boyrfriends, who she could never have had an accident with. Nope, she just plain out went behind my back there. Dummy me didn't kick her to the curb then.

    And that was the first confession(s) I ever received.
  9. Ah, yes. I remember this like it was yesterday and I wish I didn't. It was my freshman year of high school in my science class. The new guy at school that year was too in this class and liked to sit across the room and stare at me. I only know because I happened to look up every so often, and he would look away. My class went to lunch during this period. When I would come back from lunch, I would find these pictures on my desk. Hand drawn pictures and they were pretty good. Of random things often love-based. So, eventually, I asked him about them - because I finally caught him drawing in class and approached him. I told him bluntly I found the situation a little creepy and that he should just talk to me if he wanted. So, some time that year we started dating. It lasted on and off for the majority of nearly six years. It was happy and horrible at the same time. I put myself through so much emotional hell that I really could have just avoided when I stopped to think about it. But then again, this was all during the time that I was still trying to figure myself out and thus I didn't see this. Funny, late last year, he who is now my ex messaged me and told me that he still wanted me. I told him that I finally learned my lesson about his being an unreliable jerk and that I wouldn't take him back. There was another guy I always had feelings for, though I held my ex no less dearly, and I confessed to him once. He wasn't interested in me. Thought me to be more of a child and he was ready to find his other and settle down. I still like him. I see him at the grocery store and it still hurts.
  10. My very first confession that I received was back in childhood, however that I consider as something not too serious. Since children tend to over-dramatize themselves and mistake feelings easily.

    As for a more serious confession I suppose that it happened around my first or second year of junior high. I still feel a little silly because of this event, since it was obvious for the rest, but for me back at that time.

    The story goes a little back, since we've a past, having been bothering each other with out presence for a longer while. You could say we are childhood friends, if not of a kind where we made it a job to annoy each other. As the boy in question always had been smaller than I had been, which takes a lot seeing I'm not all that tall, people liked to point out the fact that even I could look like a 'giant' next to him. Of course that wasn't appreciated by him to which he then came up to close to me and said that he would be taller next year. Which he did. damn And that got him cocky.

    So where at first everyone would pester him about his length and me calling him cute, since I was comfortable enough with him to call him that, he suddenly got taller over the summer and decided it was time to pay me back. So new school year began, he came close to me again and smirked when he didn't have to look up to me, but actually had to look down at me. Of course cue time for him to do what I used to do with him. A pat on my head and being called cute. Good enough for a pay back I found. So I said that it was such a waste that he got taller since now he wasn't that 'cute little boy' I could lean down on. Response; He found that he had gotten 'handsome' over the summer, another smirk and a joke whether I had 'shrunk' or not. Some way or another we managed to talk about what we did in the summer and from there on out he asked me if I wanted to 'go out' with him. I took it as 'going out' as in the means of watching a movie with a group of friends, so I happily agreed and asked with how many people he was planning to go with. Awkward moment, pause (not that I would notice at that time) and we planned out to meet up with six friends on a Saturday in front of the cinema.
  11. Bleh, I do remember. I was in 8th grade. This kid named Steven had AS, so he was really awkward and misunderstood. I was his best buddy for a short while, but he was getting...creepy. At that age, I drifted away from situations I didn't know how to handle. I myself am/was socially awkward, so his stalking was giving me anxiety attacks all the time. Even though I stopped hanging out with him, he kept trying to get close. He'd follow me...even into the girl's bathroom.

    One day when I was in the lunch line, he came up to me. That was my last nerve. I yelled at him as loud as I could saying that he needed to leave me alone and that I would report him to the teachers if he kept stalking. He cried and threw his lunch tray. Then he said "I was gonna ask you to be my girlfriend!"

    Then he ran off. And I stood there for like 3 whole minutes just in shock. I had this Mexican friend nearby who kept trying to shake me out of it, and if I remember right, I puked and went home. >__>;

    To this day, I don't know what I was supposed to think of him. He was sweet and meant well... I have a feeling he just didn't know any better. If I had been a more confident little Fluffy, I probably could have been a better friend for him.
  12. The first person to ever confess something (like this) to me.


    I think it was sophomore year in high school. I was just about to move away from what I consider my home town - though I consider WA my home state, a butt-hole town in MT is my home town - like literally, two weeks away from moving. I was really 'gun shy' if you know what I mean. I was awkward, nerdy, extremely lazy in school and didn't have many friends. This girl - who at the time I absolutely ADORED came up to me in math class and confessed that she liked me, and had since we met (A long and painful diatribe I won't get into).

    Being that I was leaving in LITERALLY two weeks, I painfully had to turn her down. Whats worse is I shut down even more than before for a year and a half. I completely stopped washing myself, socializing in the slightest. Then I fell in with the Goths and the Otaku at my new school. Also the D&D nerds.

    Bad story, good end.
  13. Hi was in grade four, and me and a friend decided that I would sit next to a boy in my class and be all lovey-dovey towards him, and that three days later we would tell him that I was putting it on. This was all just to see how he could react. Well... The second day he said he liked me and was like can you be my gf? Of course, we were both nine, so it was just sitting next to each other during class and holding hands. Everybody was talking about us, because we were basically the only couple and there was nothing else to talk about. A few days later, he dumped me in front of everyone at school camp, which wasn't very nice. It was only because there was so much attention on us. Everyone forgot about it eventually and he's one of my best friends;) but when we reached high school he went to a boys school and I went to a girls school:( we try to stay in touch.
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