GROUP RP PLOTTING Do you read Sutter Cane?

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  1. Dr. Wrenn visits John Trent, a patient ina psychiatric hospital, and asks him to recount his story:

    After exsposing an arson-fraud scam, Trent, an insurance investigatore has lunch with a colleague who preps him on his next assignment, investigating a claim made by New York-based Arcane Publishing. During their conversation, trent is attacked by a man weilding an axe who asks him, "Do you read Sutter Cane?" The man is shot dead by a police officer before he can harm Trent.

    This story is quite interesting, due to the fact that it gives evidence that the person who wrote the story to begin with was very well influenced by the lore of the, "Old-Ones." The Old-Ones are most famously mensioned in the game, Call of Chatulu. The origonaly auther's name is Michael De Luca and was produced by Sandy King.

    If you have read the book or watch the movie with Sam Neill, who also played in Jerrasic Park, then I would like to make a parody story that's based off of it. It's going to be horror with details along the lines of Stephen King's "It." I'll put down the Character Sheet up when more then a two others gain interest to this plot idea.