Do you read other users' role-plays?

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Do you?

  1. Yes

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  2. Nah

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  3. Das weird

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  1. 'Cause I do

    when I'm bored and/or waiting for replies to my own, or just don't feel like personally writing, sometimes I'll take a peek at other role-plays. If they catch my interest, sometimes I might just keep on reading. I realized recently that this might make me kind of a creeper, but I can't be the only one who does this.

    Are there any other creepers like me out there, or do you mostly keep to yourself? Do you think it's kinda weird to creep on role-plays other than your own?
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  2. #shamelesslyreadsrps
  3. Guilty as charged. One of my partners tells me about the rps she is in and never fails to get me hooked on the story and characters. She only does PM rps though, so she will often go through the trouble of pasting them into docs , reformatting, and sending them to me just so I can read them :)
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  4. I don't read other peeps rps but peeps read my 1x1s a lot xD. Especially my Red Bedroom ones lol.
  5. Not unless I have to, to do my work c:
  6. I do when I have nothing to do. What sucks is when you lose one you're really into. xD
  7. I do :3 It's nice to check out others' writings! I do on this forum as well as other forums ^_^ I know some people don't like it but.... Well if it's in public then it's liable to be read.

    I personally like it if someone reads my rps. ^_^ It makes me feel good, as if someone deems my writing good enough to read, even if they aren't involved in the roleplay.
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  8. Me too! I mean I have no idea if people do, but I would be the opposite of weirded out if someone told me they did lol
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  9. Sometimes, yes. It's just out of curiosity; I like to know how other people write, or what my partners have done previously. It's not out of any 'stalkerish' intent, I'm just interested.

    Count me flattered if someone looks into my rps.
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  10. Very rarely I peek at a few posts of other people's roleplays in my short time of being here on Iwaku, though not in their entirety.

    Usually to get ideas of what's normal around here on Iwaku, but sometimes because a premise caught my attention and I wanted to see what became of it!
  11. I have read one or two when someone has asked me too, but otherwise no I do not seek out to read other people's rps. I just don't have time for that.
  12. I mostly avoid the RP forums. I suppose I would read someone's RP if someone I liked was doing something that would amuse me.
  13. Occasionally, I do. I know I'm not the best, and can always stand to learn more, and seeing how others perform their craft is certainly one way to learn.
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  14. I haven't, but you've planted the thought in me and now I will.
  15. Aw yeah, currently the sole "das weird" vote. It's a joke vote, but still.

    Anyway, yeah, but not often. Most of the times I've read other people's RPs were here on Iwaku for security reasons of making sure no rule breaking (like cybering or characters under 13 in smut) was happening, but those were skims for work rather than full reads for my own amusement. I've read some parts of roleplays because friends asked me to, and a few times I've read through the entirety of in progress roleplays because I got all interested in them. This has been like... 3 roleplays over the whole 7 years or so that I've been roleplaying on forums.

    However, on the flip side, I do enjoy knowing other people are reading my roleplays because they like the writing and characters and such. I know both my one on one roleplays that have been going for a while here on Iwaku have some readers, and there are few things quite so gratifying to my writer ego than people randomly complimenting my work. 8D
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  16. Yeah. I do. Helps me figure out what to write guides on from time to time. Sometimes read RP's aloud with others on Discord, usually for a good chuckle.

    If people are so concerned for the privacy of their work, they should think twice about posting it on a public forum.

    I also know that loads of people read my role plays. I am honoured by this, not embarrassed.
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  17. Rarely. Usually for GM'ing reasons or certain events organised by the above poster. That said I haven't in months now.
  18. Nope, never have. I really don't care for it, and there are so many books for me to read which I haven't yet.
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  19. Sometimes, yup. But only when I have the time to spare outside of paying heed to my own roleplays and doing my job. xD
  20. liiiiiar

    I read some people's RPs, yes, then I message them and stroke their ego like there's no tomorrow 8D I mostly read those of people with whom I RP one on one, or friends. ^_^ it's terrible but I also like knowing others are reading my RPs and enjoying it - feels good, especially since I have a long way to go before I'm legit super confident in my work 8D
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