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Do YOU play Warhammer?

  1. YES I play Warhammer

  2. NO I don't play Warhammer

  3. I don't even know what Warhammer is!

  1. Surprise Attack.

    Location: The Guardian Base, Hangar

    Users: @Ramboing @SoleStride @Kurogane86 @DakotaK5

    Alkura (The crazy one)

    Alkura grinned her mad grin as she faced Daisuke. The man spoke, declaring his attack, before opening up with throwing knives. Alkura deflected one and sidestepped the other, moving so that it flew narrowly past her throat. When he charged her with his short sword, a foolish move considering she herself wielded a hand and a half longsword, Alkura dropped into an aggressive fighting stance, advancing quickly and countering his assault with her own. A slash from above, to his left shoulder, to his right hip, across at his gut, a stab at his stomach, the attacks went swiftly, and well. Alkura wouldn't have any issues with it because Daisuke would need to backpedal to either dodge her attacks or prepare to parry them.

    The grenade was unexpected though.

    As she was readying for another swipe, mid swing, the grenade, an old World War II US MK3A2 model, hit her left shoulder with tremendous force before exploding, sending her small frame flying off to the right before hitting a concrete wall and stopping, only to collapse to the ground on her side. She was knocked out, but her arm was miraculously intact, mostly thanks to the fact that it was a concussion grenade as opposed to a frag. Unfortunately this meant two things, one, the crimson creatures on the battlefield fell over, limp and useless, as the wielder had been knocked out, and second, Alkura was of course, still severely injured. The concrete wall completely shattered her right shoulder, and numerous fractures, cuts, bruises, as well as internal injuries from the shockwave and the force of hitting the wall itself.


    For a moment, all was going well. The attack was carried on, Adam and Daisuke's efforts taking out the machine gun, Otto's flames providing time for the the Guardian troops to get inside the wall and into cover, providing blanketing fire, and the mages of the guardians preparing their magic and casting it, elemental attacks wiping the floor with E.I reinforcements that came to help the resisting troops. Tyler had dealt with the potential problem that Christian posed by getting hugged, and Alkura, who had been incapacitated by the grenade, was no longer keeping the crimson creatures up, and E.I. forces who tried to get up (the clones aside, as they were not immortal, but of course the Koreans had the immortality regeneration) were immediately put back down with a quick brain shot, ensuring they would be immobilized for some time.

    As soon as the wall of flames had passed, several nine banger flash grenades flew through the air from the rooftops and landed in front of Otto, Tyler, Maine, Daisuke, and Christian, before exploding in a bright disorienting flash. In the same moment more E.I. troops poured out of the buildings around the group, opening fire immediately and forcing those guardians firing from cover down behind it, and rushing to put out those of their friends still on fire and alive. A split second later, long bursts of coordinated and accurate machine gun fire from mounted positions on the walls blasted not previously manned before into the pinned soldiers, killing them instantly. A reaction was roused from Deanta, who turned to Otto.

    "Otto this wasn't in the intel we received, we need to retreat be-"

    A loud burst of fire echoed from behind them, cutting off Deanta's words. The man found himself suddenly gasping for air, burdened by the feeling of blood spilling into his lungs. Registering a terrible pain and finding himself unable to breath, Deanta's hands flew to his throat, finding a single, neat bullet hole before a second burst passed through his head, forcing him to collapse face first forward onto the ground, lifeless.

    More bursts of small arms fire echoed all around the Guardians as the mages were all cut down by a large force of enemy clone troops pouring into the gap blasted into the wall, and just behind them could be seen the bodies of the ten guardians that had been providing rear security. Of course though, if it rains, it pours, and as the forces poured in, forming a neat formation on the left and right of the gap, Cal stepped in behind them, his dark, formless blade in hand, cold eyes assessing the carnage of the battlefield before him. Up along the walls and rooftops around them even more troops poured out and took up firing positions, machine guns and rifles charged and ready to fire. The majority of weapons focused on the E.I. rebels, but some went to the guardians as well.

    The result of the sudden and overwhelming counter attack was devastating, and over in a matter of seconds. Nothing but a handful of guardians remained, along with the other Immortals. Demoralized by the sight of Deanta, the other teachers, and the rest of the guardian volunteers dead on the ground, they lowered their rifles, letting the barrels point towards the ground as they gazed at the well trained and equipped enemy. The area they had been fighting in had the two pillboxes that had held the machine guns, pointing down between two buildings that had a wide, triangular shaped clearing, and left no room between the walls and the buildings.

    The battlefield fell silent, the ring of rifles around the E.I. ready to fire, having surrounded them on all sides. Cal stared at those survivors, his cold eyes assessing them in the same manor as he assessed the others. His voice echoed across the small clearing as he spoke.

    "Otto, Tyler, Maine, Daisuke, surrender. This battle is finished, continue to resist and won't kill you, but I will incapacitate you and have all of your rebel allies shot, after all, it doesn't look like they are immortal."

    As if to prove his point, Cal pulled a pistol from inside his long lab coat and fired a single shot into one of the nearby guardians, who fell to the ground gasping for breath from the gunshot that collapsed his left lung.

    "Oh, that and your friend will die without medical attention, which I won't have given unless you surrender as well."

    The guardian's looked around themselves in fear, hands shaking slightly before looking to Otto, the man that would decide their fate.
  2. Cultist Rush.


    Sure, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. A barrel three meters high thats about to fall over and dump 396 cultists jumping over each other to die on you. Drown them in blood!
  4. I painted Space Wolves and a few Tau. Played some training games, never much else.

    Played the shit out of Dawn of War.

    I've read all of the Dan Abnett books. Every one of them. And a few other BL books, too. So I'm pretty good with the lore.

    I fuckin' love 40k.
  5. As a part time painter/converter of figures for people, I can say "HAHAHAHAH, YOU GUIS OVER PAY FOR 25MM FIGURES BECAUSE GAMESWORKSHOP IS EVIL."
  6. I suspect they only play with their figurines to sniff glue.

  7. Or huff spray paint.
  8. course i do.

    and iw as one of the first iwakuians to openly show such.


    well, 'cept maybe asmo.

  9. wot ee sed
  10. See! These glue-sniffing, spray-paint huffing boys don't know how to speak correctly anymore. =(
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  11. NO WAI!!!

    Yup 40K is what got me into writing - flipping through the Chaos section of the Codex Imperialis and thinking OMGWTFISTHATTHING?!!! Then imagining the Horus Heresy and what the Emperor was like. Then I read the tiny entry about the Fire Hawks Chapter vanishing and BOOM! - first fanfic series I ever wrote. Super-complicated and super-epic.

    So I painted up my own Fire Hawks Chapter, then got some Imperial Guard cos I thought "Hey! There's a challenge!", then collected and expertly painted a Necron army, cos... I had... plans... Wrote three new Codex rulebooks: Codex Firehawks, Codex Necrontyr and Codex Crusaders (representing Ecclesiarchy rabble-rousing). Then I started writing up battle-reports when I played with my friends, exaggerating and hijacking certain parts of the battle so they would fit the dramatic arc.

    Then my English Teacher noticed me doing it and said "Hey! Have your read Hamlet?". The rest you know.

    And now all my models are collecting dust in my old bedroom.
  12. I am sadly stuck with it until the 17 and it makes me so gosh darn mad. I want it out of my sight. Can we all agree that next month we all pick happy books?
  13. I play Dawn of War. Read the comics, one that's still in my head is Obvious Tactics.

    Dunno if that counts. Paorou and I planned to get a few minis, but it never went through.