Do you Play Path of Exile?

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  1. Hey everyone, F0X here! I just was curious if anyone played Path of Exile. It is a great Action RPG that I can best describe as a adaptation of Diablo II with a Final Fantasy X Sphere Grid for leveling up. It has a lot of really great game mechanics, and is really fun to play.

    However, this game is MOST fun to play with Friends! Thus, I wanted to know two things from you guys:

    1. Do you play?
    2. If yes, would you want to be apart of a Clan Consisting of other Iwaku members?

    I have been playing since beta, but the clan I am in is rather dead, and I would love to start playing this game again, and if there are players out there who'd be interested, please let me know!!

    My Steam Account Name is: f0x77713

    Add me there and I can share my IGN for Path of Exile!! Thanks for reading!! <3​
  2. Tried it. Didn't really get too far cause I tend to get really bored with ARPGs, causing me to drop it and pick it up intermittently until I can fully decide.

    Was fun, looked pretty, playing a necro was actually fun.
  3. It's a lot of fun, but I don't play regularly enough to consider joining a clan. I'll play it for a little bit and then not touch it for weeks or months. I only have 1 character and it's still in Act 3.
  4. Is it free to play or relatively cheap to own?
  5. Completely free from what I understand, and with one of the best FTP models I've seen in a game.
  6. Yes it's completely free to play, and I am always helping new players whenever I can, getting them starting gear and starting gems.
  7. Grumpy, do you play?? Like I said, I know I'm trying to get more people involved in games I play, and I love iwaku and this game, I couldn't help but think it'd be a great combination. I wouldn't even mind doing "chat rp" events in game or something XD
  8. I used to, though I wonder, when is the next Hardcore league starting?
  9. Doesn't say on their website, its usually a few weeks after the current league ends, which I am not sure where that is. I have most my characters in Standard. ^_^
  10. I played PoE quiet a lot. I can't remember what class I was... Templar I think it was called? I was the big dude with the hammer, one of his unlocks was the avatar of fire....

    Anyway, I had a blast with it. I think I ended up making some Hardcore characters too, which I still have. I'll probably play again once school settles down.
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  11. I played for a while, but got bored since I had no one to play with. Haven't really played since the Forsaken Masters update or whatever it was. I'd totally update and play if a group was wanting to get together.

    I played a Witch with a pyromancer-y focus. Lots of Fire Traps xD
  12. I'd totally love to play with you sometime Dusk! And, I love your Red profile picture. *Melts*
  13. Awesome! :D I'll update the client tomorrow and get ya my username (Pretty sure it's ViscountDusk, character name Caerleus). And it is the best picture ever, Red is everything <3
  14. Yay!!!! So happy now! And I agree with you so much! She's so cool!!
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