Do You Play Musical Instruments?

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  1. I love instruments, and I lovvvve watching others play. I play the piano rather mediocrely and the ukulele only decently. While I can play the ukulele and kinda make up some stuff and play around to make a nice sounding tune, I can't say I can do the same on the piano. I'm not too keen on piano improvisation. I really need sheet music to play a tune.

    So what instruments do you play? How proficient are you with them?
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  2. I used to play the clarinet rather well. I played the 2nd clarinet when I was in band although by the time I was in college I pretty much stopped playing. I can't do any improvisation on the clarinet however and I kinda wish I could.

    I desperately want a violin. I feel like that's the instrument for me and I'm trying to save up to purchase one along with lessons.
  3. Random Fact about Lev: Lev really wants to play the violin but he knows his body will never let him.

    "What does this guy mean?" You ask?

    I have a SUPER ticklish shoulder and chin. I tried messing with a friend's violin, and I couldn't even manage to support it cause I was laughing so hard.
  4. I've played guitar, and bass guitar. I eventually lost interest, though. I couldn't be better than amateur because everything I know/knew, I learned by myself. I couldn't afford lessons, sadly. I usually need a teacher for something that difficult.

    All along, my best instrument has been my voice. I took voice lessons! I was in choral classes, too. For 9 years, I think. I miss choir so much.
  5. I took piano when I was a kid, and I goof around with a guitar, but I don't know any whole songs except single string plucking stuff (Still Alive, Zelda's lullaby, Mission Impossible, and Ode to Joy)
  6. I took piano lessons all throughout my younger years, but I quit right before Jr. High (grade 7) due to a new teacher that just didn't click. She made me hate the piano for a long while. I've forgotten a lot, but I can still read sheet music, know where all the notes are, and most of the basic terms and symbols. Give me sheet music, and I can learn it in about a day. Let me listen to a song long enough, and I can pluck out the melody. I'd like to get back into piano. I remember how fun it was…

    There was a year I took Guitar lessons as well. I got pretty good with that too, but my instructor didn't teach during December, and I just never picked it back up after that. :/ I can… sorta kinda read tabs, but I find it easier to listen and, again, pluck out the melody. I SHOULD pick this up again, to warrant the money spent on the actual instrument, but… maybe someday.

    The one instrument that I want most in the world is a trumpet. Oh god I miss my trumpet. I played one all throughout Jr. high, and I loved it. It was just borrowed from the school however, so I needed to give it back when I moved on to Highschool, and H. School left me no time for band :( Before ANYTHING ELSE, I want to have a trumpet again.

    And like Fluffy, I sing. I took voice lessons for a year, participated in EVERY musical throughout H. School, and sang for Vancouver's Singing Christmas tree last… last year? I think? Maybe the year before? One of those. But yeah! I love to sing~ :3
  7. I had voice (singing) as my main instrument in high school (2nd & 3rd year was mainly focused on choir and classical music, the first year was more experimenting with different styles). I also played violin for 5-6 years before I started high school, but I got bored with it already at my 4th year so I stopped trying and didn't learn much. Our teacher only taught us one music style, and it didn't grab my attention enough. If we had a bit different genres then I would probably have continued. I studied piano in my 2nd and 3rd year of high school, I'm not very good at it, but I'm not bad. I didn't fail the class so I must have done something right xD
    Then I am self taught in guitar (which I picked up around a year ago) I don't have a lot of chords memorized so far but once I know the chords I can play somewhat decently. Well enough to sing to it at least ^^'

    I remember vaguely that I played saxophone for a year in 3rd grade (9 years old) but if I picked up a saxophone today I would probably not be able to make a sound with it xD
    I have tried to learn flute on my own, but it hasn't worked out too well ^^'
  8. I play piano/keyboard and flute. Took piano lessons secondgrade through somewhere around 7th i think. Then my teacher told me she had nothing more really to teach me. Meh. So i kinda self tought for a while and play on and off. I do better with music and time to practice but i want to learn how to improvise more. I want a baby grand :D played flute since middle school. Graduated highschool first chair and played through undergrad. Havent played in a while...maybe i should pick it up again...
  9. Ahhh musical instruments! One of my favorite things. I've played the clarinet for a long time, and I'm learning the tenor saxophone right now. I also dabble in piano, ukulele and the pan flute. <:
  10. My recording partner and I have a week long recording session every December. We set up a studio in a building way back in the woods of south east Ohio and eat breath and sleep music.

    Also I play in a two piece folk band called Bay Creek Road. We have our live demo up on soundcloud. Links below if your interested along with link to our Facebook.
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  11. Diaphragm, lungs, and organs for articulation. That's it. I don't have a violin, my hands can't seem to get the hang of playing chords on either the guitar or the piano, and though we have drums, I take one module of this self-teaching course I have for only, like, once a year.

    Although, I also write music, both using my hands (though since I haven't really taken to heart all of the notes and their permutations, I do that very slowly) and my computer. Do computers and sheets count as musical instruments?
  12. I started playing piano in highschool, then stopped for many years due to the stress of college (and lacking a piano and room for one in the dorm)... Recently I've started up again and I've really been enjoying it. I've never been very good, but I like learning

    I also sing, and I've always been supposedly good at that... but that's debatable.
  13. I use to. I was part of a Jazz and Blues band in school. I played the Trombone back then.
  14. Piano, piano accordion, tin whistle, guitar, ukulele , bass and vocals :) I really love music ... If I get drunk I play a mean xylophone xD (Im joking about the xylophone part but the rest is all true)
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  15. Classically trained pianist and violinist, although lately I don't play much anymore.

    Husband plays guitar and trumpet, but he doesn't play anymore either lol. Nowadays we just sing.
  16. I was lucky enough to scholarship through college playing the French Horn, even though I didn't get my degree in music. I loved playing with the orchestra, but the all time, love-of-my-life was playing Mellophone in the marching band. Other than that, I play the regulars - guitar and piano. Tried out the baritone for a while. I've always wanted to learn the Trombone or the Cello!
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  17. Lord too many. Trumpet, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Aux percussion, Vocals, Harp, Mandolin and just enough piano to get myself in trouble.

    I actually do a one man band project with some of those you can catch here:

    Some of it I've even used clips of for the radio show here.
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  18. I cannot read music to save my life, but I play several Instruments. Piano, Guitar, Harp, Mandolin, violin, and the floor bass. (which I think is called Bass violin, something like that.) I just play by ear, But I don't have any of these amazing things anymore so I have adapted to using my ears in fruity loops to fill that gap. ^_^
  19. Everything percussion.
  20. I've only been doing music for maybe 6 years now. I've played in three separate bands, two of them were punk bands and my current one is a metal band. I play guitar, bass and drums. Backing vocals on occasion. All self taught and I also write my own stuff when I feel the need to.

    Instruments I'd like to learn: Cello, Bouzouki, Bagpipes or a Gaida, Oud, Hurdy Gurdy, and the Pontian Lyra.