Do you party?

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Are you about that party life?

  1. Hell yeah I'm all about that party life!

  2. Hell yeah! I love getting crazy with friends!

  3. Hell yeah! Its thrilling being somewhere I'm not supposed to be!

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  4. Well, sometimes, if I got my group of friends to make it better.

  5. Well, sometimes, if I feel in the mood to turn it up.

  6. Well, sometimes, if I know I don't have other responsibilities to keep.

  7. Ew, no! Why would I voluntarily spend time with people?

  8. Ew, no! Partying is definitely not my scene.

  9. Ew, no! It's an unattractive looking like a damn idiot!

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  10. What is a party? Can you eat them?

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  1. Well, guise? Do you like turnin up?
  2. I love parties. But on three conditions.

    1. They're mature/sensible about it. Nothing that causes the police to show up (minus stupid shit like a neighbor crying about noise on new years eve).
    2. The people there aren't judgmental pricks who get hostile if someone chooses not to drink or smoke weed.
    3. At least some people that I know are present. I don't care for such events if it's nothing but strangers.

    But assuming those are met though?
    I'm always game for such a thing. :P
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  3. If anyone ever invited me/If I ever knew of any parties being hosted near me, I would definitely attend one. But I'm not/I don't so yeah.
  4. yee

    although I'm too poor to go out often because prices in London are fucking crazy high
    can't wait to get back to home sweet home once term ends where it's only moderately crazy high prices and get #rekt all day erryday during summer

    Should note that this doesn't mean I can't say no to a night out - sometimes I'm not in the mood, though usually it's pretty easy to talk me into it.
  5. No. >:C
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  6. I'd go if nobody was drinking or getting high or smoking cigarettes (I'm uncomfortable around people who are 'under the influence', and very sensitive to secondhand smoke) and if everybody there got along well and there would be no drama. This is assuming a very close friend has convinced me that it wont kill me to go to a social gathering, of course. I don't really do well with groups of people.
  7. You basically un-described a party.

    I enjoy parties and the social setting. I drink the drinks, I do the drugs, I laugh with the people and in the end the ones left standing sing drinking songs well into the night. Afterwards, I dislike being drunk or whatever I'm feeling because the fun of it is strictly for the social setting.
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  8. I probably won't/will try not to attend any college parties since my parents didn't pay for my education only for me to party. Maybe if there are very few to no responsibilities/deadlines at the time and I have my group of friends with me. Otherwise, I'll probably clam up if I'm in a party full of strangers and acquaintances.
  9. Exactly xP
  10. You should remember to give yourself some breathing room.
    If you do nothing but focus on academics, you're going to get overwhelmed at some point, burn out and them ultimately perform worse.

    Now, if the typical college party isn't your thing then don't go. That's something you're totally in your right to do.
    But remember to also take care of yourself, breathers are important so the brain can recharge and get back into things.
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  11. Parties aren't really my thing. Loud noises, alcohol and other stuff, people everywhere. Not my thing. I'd rather spend my time dicking around on the internet.

    Anxiety and phobias aside, all that loud music and shouting would probably give me a mean migraine, too.
  12. We're on exactly the same page.
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  13. I mean, sometimes me and some friends will have small parties where we break out the consoles, mini fridge, and Cheese popcorn, but other than that, No. Sometimes my parents drag me to work parties, and depending on the food there, those can be pretty fun.
  14. A party every so often is super fun. I love meeting new people and getting drunk with friends. But I'm not one to turn up to each and every party that happens - I got other things to do c:

    All in moderation.
  15. Oh yeah.

    I had to quit smoking socially though since I started craving cigs outside of parties.

    So now it's just drinking, but yeah. I'm not really a party animal, but I don't mind getting trashed once or twice a month.
  16. I only like calm parties where you eat and watch TV together with people you know well... Which practically is every time I am with my friends... So doesn't really count as a party... ... I dun like other peoples type of party. I dun like loud music or dance parties or going out to be around lots of strangers and drink parties or whatever kind of parties people have these days o_o I dun like being around strangers or even a lot of people I know. The only type of party I would go to would be a dinner party if I knew the majority of the people there. But it's not like people my age like those kinds of things I: And I only have like two friends living close to me... Sooo. Parties are definitely not my thing xD
  17. Depends on what kind of party.

    If it's a special event party (some sort of holiday) or a themed one then I'm all for it. If it's a party at some random house full of people I don't know, then I'll pass. It's too risky.

    A lot of people where I am can't throw a party for anything. They hold a party in their parent's garage with cheapo alcohol and some sort of music will make the party. Maybe I'm a bit of a snob, but that doesn't motivate me enough to change my plans for. I rather go to a bar for that than someone's house far away.
  18. I used to party every night. Now I only party on Saturdays, and by 'party' I mean play dnd.
  19. Good for you. That's how I started. >.>

  20. Yeah, thankfully it was easier for me since I'm really not around smokers too much outside of parties. Every once in a while, especially when I'm stressed, I still get the cravings.
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