Do you love your job or hate it?

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Rate your job!

  1. I hate it, it makes me miserable consistently

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  2. I severely dislike it, but see how it could be worse

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  3. I am neutral about it

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  4. My job sucks sometimes, but is overall ok

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  5. My job is pretty good; it could still be better though

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  6. I love my job; I look forward to my shifts

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  8. I fall outside these spots and will explain in the comments!

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  1. Weeelllll??!!
  2. Well I have two jobs. One is with the company I've been with for 16 years. It's got new owners now, which isn't necessarily bad, but in the process of making the company profitable have closed down several locations. Now everyone has high senority that's left and many don't want to do the grunt work we had to when we started out. I like my job. Some days I really enjoy it, but there's no way up at this point and I never really liked any of the avenues of advancement anyways, even though I've dabled in management.

    Which brings me to my business! Oh my, I can not tell you how much I love helping people make choices in the food they eat and see the progress they make as they turn their life around. I absolutely LOVE it. You'll note if I'm in the chat and food, health, herbs or gardening comes up I have to restrain myself from talking forever. The hard part though is being a business person. Free advice does not pay rent, nor do people appeciate the advice. If they pay though, they actually listen, follow through, and I can eat dinner too! Business building is hard, but it's worth it...

    So there is my complex answer.
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  3. I work at fast food.
    That answer your question?
  4. I've worked at: Walmart, Papa John's, Sheetz, Chanello's (a fairly local pizza chain), Kohl's, a commissary, and Otis Spunkmeyer.

    Besides Papa John's, I've never held a job longer than a few months. The only job I really enjoyed was Otis Spunkmeyer, where I was a route driver, delivering cases of cookie dough and muffins in a freezer van. I was let go after I accidentally backed into a car while still on my probationary period.

    I haven't worked in two years and the whole process of applying for jobs, especially now with those personality tests, has completely jaded me. Even though I have no income and don't have a 100% chance of getting disability for my mental issues, I probably won't manage to work again.
  5. My last job was for a retail establishment and I sold petite and plus-size women's clothing. I loved the work because I find folding and hanging clothes strangely relaxing and like helping other women feel confident in their bodies. The only thing I didn't like was my higher-ups seemed focused on convenience and profits to the point of not really having moral compasses. I won't go much into it but they did some really terrible things.

    As of right now I am an unemployed student which is my favorite kind of job. A++ to this life.
  6. I enjoy the actual job part of my job, but my new manager is a bit incompetent and it's starting to annoy the whole team now... also I really want to progress but need to wait until the next time they're hiring new Team Leaders... but overall I enjoy my job whilst I'm there :)
  7. I love my job! But as in job, I mean the actual task of my job. I love doing my actual job though, sorting things and making them look nice? That's right up Mitten's alley! Plus I get a cool scan gun thing that mucks up every now and again, which lets me stand around for a bit while they work themselves out! :D The people I work with are mostly gossiping jealous bastard who I would love to kick in the balls as of recently! :D There are some nice people, but for the most part I'm going back to not talking to any of them.

    Sometimes 'friends' are too much of a hassle.
  8. My job has no "regular duties" so at times I just sit around, which is fine by me I can find things to look up online (like learning new programming languages) however....that's when she (my boss) starts looking though the inventory and asking me about things that I've NEVER come in contact with. The only thing that bugs me is her tone, she acts like it was my fault for not being on top of it. A lot of the mistakes are from before I even started working there. Also, we're being moved into a VERY small room which we have to re-route air conditioning into because of school politics (I work at a school....they're very clique-y). And other than people refusing to learn about technology/not knowing anything/refusing an okay job. I kinda want my old one back though...... it was more organized and I could get up to twenty hours during the school year around my schedule and forty if I sign up during the summer.

    Wow....that's my mini rant for the week..... don't mind that.
  9. I currently do not have a job and I have never have one, however, I think that one can consider "studying in university" as a job. And if I do consider it to be a job, then I like it. It is hard, not to mention that some of the tests are quite difficult, but I enjoy learning what I learn. I also got to meet a lot of awesome people due to university, expand my friendship and my opportunities. It really has been a great, if somewhat stressful learning experience so far, so I am motivated to keep going, to keep studying, expanding my knowledge, then graduating.
  10. I've also worked at Papa John's, alongside Olive Garden and Carl's Jr. Fast food is an absolutely crappy place to work in by the way.

    I currently work as a part time freelance writer for a green issues petition site. I work from home and I basically scour the internet for issues to write about. It pays decently although because I work at home, there are times when I'm tempted not to do the work. =/ I typically catch up on it though. I really don't mind my job and the only complaints I have is when someone takes a topic I was already eyeing or the editors leave a bunch of edits onto my posts.
  11. I can't complain about my job because, really, I shouldn't even have it in the first place. Though it isn't required that you have a degree for what I do, I'm the only one on staff without one, so I feel highly under-qualified. However, none of my coworkers make me feel any less intelligent or less capable, and my supervisor is just about the greatest boss anyone could have. Plus, I'm working for the school that I attend, so there isn't a commute to work. Literally, all I do all day is read things, talk to people, and study...and I get off work whenever I need extra time to study for exams or whatnot. I quite seriously don't think I could have a better job at this point in my life.

    Ophelia and Mittens, I know what you mean about retail. Everyone talks about how horrible it is to work retail, and I remember it being stressful, but I loved it when I worked at the mall. I found repetitive tasks meditative, and my customers were usually quite lovely. Retail can be nice.
  12. The job I loved was working as an office assistant for a land trust. A non-profit organization that preserved habitats hired me to do paperwork, run errands, update their database, help with taxes... I loved it. I love working in an office where I familiarize myself with only a few people. I love papers, I love digitizing, I love organizing. I'm like Liz Lemon from 30 Rock, who gets off on such things. :D

    What I hated was my retail job at Cabela's. Awesome store, awesome employees. The conservative customers annoyed me though, and being as introverted as I am, I always went home feeling SO EXHAUSTED. Having to be so friendly, talking all the time, interacting... It makes me so tired and uncomfortable. It was misery and not worth the money to me, even though they pay above minimum wage.

    I currently am unemployed. I'm a full time mom. Feel free to not call that a job, but it mosdef is. :| Plenty of labor, plenty of problem solving... Dealing with even just one brat all day long is hard work. I'm the one who does most of the cooking and cleaning. My boyfriend eats healthy now because of me. *eye roll* I'm the one who sees to it the bills get paid too. I'm responsible for more than I can handle, honestly. XD It affects the quality of my homework and chores sometimes. I love it more than anything in the world, I promise I do. Sometimes though, I feel like hurling myself into the mouth of an active volcano.
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  13. OK, I can only NOW say that I love my job. Even though I've only just started it and yes I have a lot to learn still. I'm happy. I'm having fun and learning. This is new for me since my whole "Kroger" experience has been shit. Please no one else ever work for them. Anyway, I've been lucky enough to move into working at the Starbucks kiosk in the store and its a perfect fit since I LOVE coffee.

    Meeting people and getting to know the regulars is fun for me. Yes learning the codes is tricky and making a nice Latte and not a foamy mess takes practice but I'm willing to try. I WANT to do go and not just good enough. Huge difference. I want to be at work and don't just go to pay my bills anymore.

    Before I was very unhappy in the Dairy dept where no matter how hard I worked I was still behind and my efforts were never good enough. Those days are behind me and now a new chapter has begun.

    I can only pray it last as I learn more and more about Starbucks. Some might hate it and one thing or another about coffee, but for me.. get over it. Its coffee people.. :)

    I happen to love it and if you come to me, Ill try damn hard to make you a great Latte or whatever you need to send you off happy.
  14. My last job, which I just quit yesterday, involved calling/emailing/faxing vendors, getting them to send me NAFTA documentation for parts that we buy from them, waiting until they send that documentation, and then entering the info in said documentation into a database. All. Fucking. Day. It was colossally boring. And when it wasn't boring, I had to try and explain to a completely clueless vendor why they need to send us that specific documentation (some stupid shit having to do with tariffs and whatnot). It was like talking to my cubicle. The people were cool and the pay was decent, so it wasn't the worst job I had ever had.

    That was my next-to-last job, where I worked for the online department at the Sears Holdings corporate headquarters. The same Sears Holdings that's all but giving away money and business. Meaning my boss was given the go-ahead to turn into a complete and utter asshole in order to get us to quit or find an excuse to fire us, all in an effort to save the company money in unpaid unemployment benefits. It was a fucking nightmare. When he took me aside and let me know the company was letting me go, I had to hold back the urge to dance right at the spot. That job convinced me that I want to go back to school and do something with my talents, because fuck sitting in a cubicle all day and either going insane with boredom, or contemplating beating my boss to death with my company laptop.

    I know the title of this thread implies what you think of your current job, but I have so much leftover fucking rage and depression from the last 7 months of my time with Sears that, even a year after being let go, I still need to vent about it once in a while.
  15. Its totally understandable. I've with with shit Kroger for what will be 12 years now. I never thought I'd be there this long. Time just flies as they say and well the next thing I new I was trying anything to make my job work. Well turns out that the week I'm about to hand in my two weeks notice (It was in my back pocket) I get told I am getting my request/wish granted and I was moved into Starbucks. If not for that, I would be either have no job right nor or working for a temp agency stuffing envelopes or something.

    I totally understand rage. Oh god do I. I was close, so close. My new boss found me and told me I was working with her on Monday and then the Store Manager told me the same thing about ten minutes later. If not for that, I would have given notice. It was about to clock in for what would have been the start of my two weeks.
  16. My job is being HOUSE ELF!

    I manage the household budget, dictating where all the money goes and making sure the bills get paid. That includes doing taxes. O_O

    I run and manage all errands, like buying groceries and if we have to go out and do stupid paperwork or something.

    I clean house, laundry, dishes, mopping, sweeping, whole shebang. ...Sometimes I am not so great at this. 8D

    I cook the meals and make sure everyone gets fed! I am positive everyone would starve to death or only eat pizza and Wendy's everyday if I didn't!

    I take care of all the animals and the menfolk!

    I love my job. >> It suits me and my personality very well. And gives me time for my OTHER job as Administrator #2 of Iwaku.

    ...I am not gonna list what I do everyday on Iwaku. That would take forever. ;_;
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  17. Levusti's job job job is a waiter at a restaurant. Initally, I loved it, but now the boss lady's gotten rid of all the good people who actually worked hard and the quick people who knew how to think on their feet. All we have now is rude waitstaff, lazy cookstaff, and a boss who is absolutely oblivious how poorly business is going right now. I handed my two weeks notice in...let's say four weeks ago. I'm still there? Why? The boss lady begged me to stay.

    I can't wait until I get a Lab Tech job where I can work for much more than my measly little over $3 + tips. :/ I'm doing a clinical internship/practicum at a hospital lab and I freaking LOVE it. Only five more months and then I can get registered and certified and work ready! SO EXCITE.
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  18. When I was working, it was a job I grew to hate.

    Not merely dislike, but hate.

  19. I loved my old job, but my client passed away :(
  20. I'm currently a full-time senior. Senioritis means I don't do jack shit, and I don't particularly want to.

    But I'm also the copy room/mail room/break room aide for one period, and that's pretty legit, even though it is a lot of work. The mail usually arrives during my period, so I'll be responsible for sorting the mail for about a hundred and fifty faculty members. Usually it's only a few dozen pieces, but if we've had a break it can be a couple thousand. Then there are two Xerox machines that are constantly printing jobs that I must complete and place in the teacher mailboxes- of course, printers being printers, they often break and if the actual copy room staff member (I don't actually have any fucking clue what her title is, sorry Mrs. R) is busy or gone I'll be fixing them myself. Normally it's just a matter of unjamming or replacing toner, but I've had to do a few more complex things (replacing the Xenogrpahic Module is Hell on Earth). Laminating is also our business, so I trim that about every other week. Then sometimes the Dr. Pepper or snack machines in back will break and I'm generally stuck dealing with the complaints. Sometimes there are packages to deliver (I usually leave those to the other period aides; they are barely useful) or jobs to run personally.
    When Mrs. R is gone I often feel like I ought to be paid. XD She's getting thirteen bucks an hour to run it with the help of four aides per day; if I spend an hour running it solo I think getting at least a tenner would be fair. Especially when she's gone the Monday after a break and all the other aides skip out to study for their other classes, leaving me with two nonfunctional printers, eighty pounds of mail, twenty packages, five laminating jobs, a broken DP machine, and no way to call anyone for help since the phone is in the locked office D:

    I secretly love every minute of the chaos. Also, being able to fix Xerox machines ought to give me mad ass-kissing power in college. >:D
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