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  1. Why or why not? What does your name mean? Would you change it if you had the chance? What would you change it into?

    I was named after a character in Greek mythology. I have no idea what my second name means tbh, but it's pretty popular. My last name isn't as common though, at least not where I live. It means "mountain protector", which is pretty cool. I like it. My first name, I don't like so much, but I wouldn't change it. Mostly because I'm bad at naming things. Or maybe I'm just too lazy to come up with a nice replacement atm.
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  2. I'm more or less neutral about my name nowadays. I was named after someone from the Bible, and if you know my birthday you'd be able to connect the dots. > > It's the Hebrew version of it.

    Since I don't exactly share the same degree of religious belief as my family, it's pretty much just a 'meh' thing for me. On worse days I can kick myself repeatedly for not being worthy of the name.
  3. Jung focused more on the man's aenima and wrote less about the woman's aenimus. Jung believed that every woman has an analogous aenimus within her psyche, this being a set of unconscious masculine attributes and potentials. He viewed the arnimus as being more complex than the aenima, postulating that women have a host of aenimus images whereas the male aenima consists only of one dominant image.

    Man of mere physical power
    The aenimus "first appears as a personification of mere physical power - for instance as an athletic champion or muscle man, such as 'the fictional jungle hero Tarzan'".

    Man of action or romance
    In the next phase, the aenimus "possesses initiative and the capacity for planned action...the romantic man - the 19th century British poet Shelley; or the man of action - America's Ernest Hemingway, war hero, hunter, etc."

    Man as a professor, clergyman, orator
    In the third phase "the aenimus becomes the word, often appearing as a professor or clergyman...the bearer of the word - Lloyd George, the great political orator".

    Man as a helpful guide to understanding herself
    "Finally, in his fourth manifestation, the aenimus is the incarnation of meaning. On this highest level he becomes (like the aenima) a mediator of...spiritual profundity". Jung noted that "in mythology, this aspect of the animus appears as Hermes, messenger of the gods; in dreams he is a helpful guide." Like Sophia, this is the highest level of mediation between the unconscious and conscious mind

    So ya....

    I like my name a lot :3
  4. I love my name ^_^ Not sure what the meaning is though.
  5. I don't know what my name means and people always have a hard time pronouncing it or spelling it right -_- The struggle with my name is real
  6. no because people always mispronounce it no mattet how many times I tell them how and it drives me fucking insane like?!?!?!! can you get it right for once it's not even hard??!?!

    tHEY ALSO CAN't eVEN SPELL IT??!????!
  7. I really love my name. It's french, so people always think I can speak it, even though I can't. So that'd be the only issue with my name.
  8. My full name is literally seven letters, it's great-- filling out bubble sheets and the like is easy, and my signature can be full name instead of initials.
  9. I like my name quite a lot now, but I didn't when I was a kid. I never knew anyone else with my name as a kid so I thought it must be weird or dumb. Also my name means Christmas and I had bitterness issues around Christmas for a long time.
  10. My mom was pregnant with me back before sonograms, and she was convinced I was a boy. My name was supposed to be Christopher Lewis. When she finally had me and realized that I wasn't the boy that she wanted, she handed off the responsibility of naming me to my father, who didn't want kids at all. Rather then give me a cute name he named me after a singer that came on the radio.

    And that, ladies and gentleman, is how I was named Tina. Yes, I was named after Tina Turner....and I fucking hate it.
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  11. Nicholas is a historically awesome name showing up in nearly every European culture. Unfortunately, my name comes from a scene in a crappy '80s movie;

    My middle name is my father's name, but I do enjoy the meaning of my last name.

    "Toellner", in North German dialects meant "collector of tolls". Most likely my family desended from the operators/owners of the ferry system across the Rhine. Most likely putting us in the position of poor nobility or upstarts as there are also records of my ancestors being lower officers in the Prussian Army.
  12. My first name is Alyssa, and it's incredibly common, even with that exact spelling. I'm pretty sure there were at least four other Alyssas in my graduating class in high school (some of whom were also an "Alyssa S", like I am), so there were always a lot of scenes like:

    New teacher (or substitute) doing attendance: "Alyssa?"
    Two voices in unison: "Which Alyssa."
    Teacher: "Um... Alyssa S?"
    Two voices: "Which Alyssa S."

    (Question marks omitted to emphasize the dull tone in our voices because we were way too used to this treatment.) Anyway, at that point, if the teacher said the name properly, I knew it wasn't me. If they stuttered out a vague S sound and then failed to say anything else at all, I knew it was me -- but I'll get back to that later.

    Anyway, my common first name also meant there were plenty of times when I'd hear someone call my name, only to turn around and realize they were talking to a different Alyssa that I didn't even know was near me. There have even been a few instances when people had to call my name a bunch of times before they were able to get my attention, because I just assumed they weren't referring to me. @_@ It wasn't super annoying, but it just kind of made my name feel... not mine, you know?

    This is actually the reason why a lot of my IRL friends legitimately call me "Kaga". It started when I used to roleplay with a lot of IRL friends, so they were used to calling me "Kaga" from their interactions with me online, which then bled into real life a little bit, and then people I didn't know from roleplaying also started calling me "Kaga". o_o But I rolled with it, because I actually like that name. It just feels so much more... me. Alyssas are a dime a dozen, but there is only one Kaga. If I hear someone say "Kaga", I know it's me. Overall, it's just a very comforting name to me now.

    I even entered a brief phase of my life where I would just straight-up introduce myself as "Kaga" IRL, because I liked that name more and I was totally ok with that eclipsing my real first name. Buuuut then it started to feel kind of weird hearing my college professors call me that, so I sort of shyed away from it, and now I'm in this weird state where a new person asks me my name and I honestly hesitate to think of what to say. O_O Because "Kaga" is the name my friends use, and it feels weird to hear my friends call me "Alyssa" -- but "Alyssa" is a better name to be used professionally, and it feels weird to hear "real adults" call me "Kaga". Not only that, but "Kaga" clearly isn't a normal name, so I get weird looks and sometimes a "Really?" when I introduce myself as that, and then I feel the need to explain myself like "Haha well my real name's Alyssa, but you can call me Kaga" and then that raises the obvious question of where that name came from, since it doesn't sound anything like my real name, but it also feels weird to just introduce myself as "Alyssa" because that feels too formal these days, and it just seems weird if this is happening while I'm surrounded by other friends who also call me "Kaga" -- soooo I basically hope that my friends will be the ones to introduce me and tell people my name so that I don't feel like I have to spend two minutes explaining my life story when all they did was ask for my first name. @_@


    I'm not actually going to say my last name, but I will tell you that it is A) rather long. Specifically, 11 letters long (which, for comparison, is the same number of letters as in "Mississippi"), and B) impossible to pronounce if you're just looking at it written down. Or at least, it seems like it's impossible to pronounce. It's actually very easy to say it once you know how -- but the weird spelling throws so many people off. There is a very easy way that it could be spelled that would make the name look about as easy to say as it actually is (in fact, I have some distant cousins who legally changed the spelling of our name to the way that it sounds -- which is exactly what I hope to do someday). But, because the spelling is a massive clusterfuck as it is, people tend to either A) look down at my name in horror when they see it written, and give up any attempt at pronouncing it, or B) mispronounce it in... really strange ways. Like, there are ways that I could understand how you'd mispronounce it, but, so often, I hear people throw in completely new syllables that have no place being there, with sounds that have no place being there. Like, it's astounding how often I hear people trying to add an 'M' or 'N' sound when there are no M's or N's, or anything even close to one, in my name. So I have no fucking clue where they're getting that from. @_@

    Hell, when my dad died, our name was butchered just as badly -- with a weird 'M' sound and at least one extra syllable -- on the local news. He died, and you report it by making a complete mess of his name. Thanks.

    So yeah tl;dr, I kind of completely hate my real name. :D My last name is a mess that I've always wanted to change, and my first name is just... a very awkward situation at this point. In general, I do prefer "Kaga" to "Alyssa", but "Kaga" still feels kinda weird in the professional world and being in limbo between the two is just... odd.
  13. Are you my niece? That's her name too.
  14. :,D And this is why I am just Kaga now, and that's all I want to be.
  15. My name is Tyler. Used to hate it, probably because part of me thought is was weak sounding or none of the cool kids were named Tyler. Now I quite like it. I don't really look into meanings too much because I think majority of people name their kids based on how much they like the name rather than fussing over it meaning "bullet farmer" or "candy floss".

    Tyler means tile maker, apparently. Boring shit.

    Won't say what my last name is, but it's a first name and lo and behold, my life is constantly people calling me by my last name by accident. Not huge on my last name because boring first name, but on the plus side, it's so short filling out forms takes a lot less effort!
  16. At least you were named after a legend :D Imagine if you had been named after David Bowie XD
  17. My name in a nutshell -_-
  18. So is my little brother's name :O
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  19. It is a title. They're all titles, assigned at birth as an identifier. They're really only slightly better than calling people by their social security numbers.

    Yet at the end of the day, I do like the name I was given. I like the naming structure my family has too. I was given two middle names, the names of my grandfather/great grandfather on each side of the family (mother's side and father's side). If I should happen to have children one day, and that child is a male, they will inherit one of my middle names, and gain my father's name and my lover's father's name as middle names. If they're a female, they'll inherit a grandmother/great grandmother's name, and gain grandmother names as middle names.


    Jane Emily Sarah Doe has a child, named Emily.

    Emily Cynthia Maria Doe has a child, named Maria.

    Maria Jane Amanda Doe has a child, named Jane.

    Jane Emily Kelsey Doe.

    In the event that there's a lack of information on great grandfathers/grandfathers and there's no way to assign more than one middle name, then simply have just one middle name.

    It comes from ye olde time naming schemes. It's why a lot of Kings and Queens inherited names from their predecessors, it was a way in which to "pass along" family dynasty honour. In a crude sense, obtaining immortality. "If everyone is named Louis, then nobody shall forget me!" I simply like it because it creates a consistent but ever changing pool of names. I have the same name my great great grandfather who immigrated to Canada from Germany had.

    As for the online alias, "Brovo" is simply a nod to Johnny Bravo. That's all it is. It's simple, it's short, it's memorable, it's to the point. A perfect identifier.
  20. crying
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