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  1. Hey !

    So I've got some ideas, but they're mostly ideas & I can't decide which might be more popular!
    So read below & tell me what you think!

    (1) SAO - Sword Art Online - inspired virtual reality game roleplay~

    This would be your typical online game- virtual reality - glitch with the log out button - forced to complete the game without dying in order to wake up in the real world. Of course, I'll design the world and the objectives for each level, and also give the freedom to play around on levels. For this, though, I'll need a super help co-Gm, and also creative players who are interested! Especially people who've watched SAO or played an mmoprg- that would be helpful because players who've played mmo-games would be able to move the plot along on their own and not require GM assistance for every plot twist! I am using SAO purely as an example! Anyone involved with any mmos, in my opinion would know how they work! YOU DON'T NEED MMO EXPERIENCE - it just helps to have Some players who have any idea of how games run - for example, games have main quests to complete levels but also professions like merchant or blacksmith; you can set up shop or build a house, do some training or make friends, etc. when things aren't occurring on the main quest, i hope people would become creative & do other things!

    (2) A space-ship-space-station-epic !
    There's a lot of these from time to time here, but somehow they always fizzle out before the huge, tumultuous storm occurs. Or right after the crew lands on said planet or faces said blackout, the roleplay just kind of dies :[ making it impossible to revive most of the time! My favorite part of space-sci-fi is the aftermath of the crisis and what people do during it. I'm not entirely sure where I want to go with this idea yet;; new planet, aliens, space crisis, black holes, space station life, total Earth migration;; but I'm open to your thoughts!
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  2. I've had nightmares about being stuck in videogames. Oddly, none about aliens!
    Good luck, Sakura-chan!
  3. Thank you so much Koe-chan! ^o^
  4. I was actually to find one of the latter. So if it ever starts up, count me in. As for the first one, such a shame you had to limit yourself to a single game. I could have been co-GM but my ideas most likely would have severely conflicted with canon seeing I didn't play that game.
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  5. I was using SAO as an example! I should clarify that! :) Anyone with mmo experience is creative enough to put up objectives!

    Do you have any ideas for them?
  6. Dearie, the main reason I joined this community was because there was ideas I could not let go of, and that I wanted people which could react to my flow of thought.

    As the Asari say, every idea must touch another mind to live.
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  7. The former appeals to me but I am not all that familiar with massively multiplayer online games. Would I still be able to participate?
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  8. Yes of course! :) it's just that games have tons if outlets, for example, if you're not questing te main storyline, you can do many other things like learn a profession, build a house, make friends, practice or battle train, or even enhance your weapons!

    That is the only reason why i mentioned mmo experience. In the case that the there isn't something terrible happening to respond to, characters should still think of creative things to do to keep the story going !
  9. Ah, okay :) I think I could do that ^.^
  10. Awesome! I might start working on developing the game, then~
  11. I can so see the perfect character to add into the MMO idea. Having played 6 years of WoW and now playing GW2 I think this would be really fun. Mainly because the male character I have in mind plays female avatars... And him being stuck in a chicks body would be absolutely hilarious.

    I'm also interested in your second idea. :/ Since it seems for me too that my grand sci-fi adventures always fizzle out. *coughhasbeenreallywantingtoplaymycyborgcough*
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  12. I don't think I've ever actually been in a sci-fi roleplay. I'd be very interested in joining up with one to try it out.