Do you like plots? I like plots ;D (MxM, FxF, MxF)

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  1. Do you like plots? I like plots! X3
    The distance between us (MxF)
    Marie and (Your name) were best friend's since birth. So what happens when (Your name) moves to another state and attends at an all boy school? Marie goes after him, getting sent to (state name) as well to be with a best friend and crush but when she gets there he hates her. (but of course he doesn't know who she is.)
    I'm only a program (MxF or FxF)
    Yui a super computer in a human form that Doctor (Your name) built. She was a program, a simple computer till she claims she has feelings? Along with crying and physical pain? Planning to keep her a secret till a scientist from California
    tries to take her away.
    The rebel and the sweetheart (MxM or MxF)
    Kyle was your everyday rebel, skipping class, getting in trouble, etc. Till he meets (Your name) a sweet, caring, person, the person you just wanna pick up and hug for no reason. Could Kyle change them or will they change him?
    Marie a servant of (Your name) whatever she can to please him. She loves him with all her heart and would die for him but he doesn't feel the same -yet- and only thinks of her as a toy and servant, nothing more till she starts to show her feelings to him.

    That is all i have! If you are interested PM me or Comment on this thread! I now do MxM and FxF and also am trying to do furries sooo yeah!
    Warning: I am a sucker for romance!
  2. The rebel and the sweetheart MxM!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.