Do you let things and people happen to you, or do you make things happen to others?

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    I really liked that quote, especially since I am a make things happen kind of person. >:]

    What about YOU?

    Do you sit back, waiting for something to happen? The next good thing? Bad things? Anything? Be life a job, a romance, or even waiting and hoping a roleplay partner comes to play with you?

    Or do you go out and MAKE things happen? Do you actively seek out experiences? Do you change and affect other people? Do you see something you want and them take it? Are you an ask others to roleplay sort of person?
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  2. Enough things have been done to other people, I'd rather not contribute.
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  3. I'm usually the waiting for things to happen type. I feel safer that way, and it keeps me from screwing things up. >< There are times that require me to act differently, though. If I feel strongly enough about something, I'll act first instead of standing by.
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  4. I'm definitely someone who makes things happen for myself and others. It can end badly or well, depending on my choices. I hate sitting around waiting for things to happen because well... Nothing really happens for me. =/ That being said, I will be patient if I have to.
  5. I do stuff.

    I'm 24. I own my own house. I own my own business that I support myself with. I've been around the world four times. The world is my oyster.

    That being said, I would not be where I am if I could not take and accept the eb and flow of life as it happens around me.
  6. I'm a mix of both! Sometimes I'm running around making things explode! Err, I mean, happen!
    but sometimes, I'm just tired of stuff creeping on me unnoticed. I guess I have tunnel vision when I'm going at things and don't see the bad things coming for me :c

    I'd like to be the kind of person that makes things happen always. More of an effective person and not a reactive person, I guess.
    It feels like you'd live a more worthwhile life that way c:
  7. Screaming and tears intrude themselves on motherfuckers inevitably, I'mma extend periods of rest and relaxation as long as I fucking can.
  8. I'm trying to make things happen. I got myself into work, trying to get back into this stupid school so I can transfer into an awesome school. I'm trying and I will do it. >:(