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  1. Write me a description of something you know about a member and see who gets the right answer first! Nothing super personal or inappropriate but fun!
    The person who gets the answer should give another little description.
    Try to make them telling :)

    For example......
    "The brother of one of the admins!?"
    The answer is Isabella Vokshava!

    I'll start~
    This member can fluently speak Dutch!
  2. Myrnmodin.

    The next philipino loves his drawing.
  3. Nobody is playing with us.
    It's ok, though. I have Darkness to play with ;)


    The next person is...
    Iwaku's leading military man who leads his own army here.
  4. Yo, can someone hook me up with some solid Psycho-Horror anime? I hate to compare and contrast, but "Another" just hit this sweet spot with me, and I really want to watch more like it. Solid story, spooks, and overall content without an overdose of ecchi or fan service to make up for something; I need stuff like that on my watch list. :P

    Thanks in advance for the help.
  5. Sarkua

    Iwaku's oldest member by age.
  6. Inky Joey. (Really.) I think. c____c Otherwise it's Asmo's PRETEND REAL LIFE FRIEND Mister Phoenix.

    Iwaku's kroot member. >:D
  7. Vay!

    This short-statured person enjoys his tea
  8. Porkie, aka Porg.

    The next person is my self-proclaimed doppleganger.
  9. Diana?

    Wears no pants where no one was worn no pants before.
  10. Fel

    Do there are other pantsless characters around...

    The previous one, I believe, was Ocha.

    This person had been portrayed as hiding behind the faces of his (feminine) characters.
  11. Yep, nothing worse than a nightmare kid than a nightmare teenager. (lol)