Do You Know Why The Caged Bird Sings?

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Do You Know Why The Caged Bird Sings?

In the year 2031, scientists in Russia managed to perfectly combine a human embryo with a avian zygote- leading to humanistic creatures with perfectly formed wings, bird-like eyes, and IQ scores that would need an entirely new type of test to chart their intelligence. The first child born with gossamer wings and bright amber eyes called the world to a battle over what science was allowed and barred from doing.

In the year 2056, this child grew, his name was Yuri, and proposed to his girlfriend of thirteen years. Another squabble was brought to the forefront, over this being marrying a regular human being. In the end, they married.

2091, Yuri's wife died in a car crash while he was attending a science lecture in the Ukraine- there were reports that perhaps it was murder.

2111, Yuri became part of a board of scientists who went back to the project that created him and produced 300 or more individuals that were like him, against some peoples beliefs, these beings were slowly accepted into society.

2122, Yuri, still seeming at the age of fifty, outlives most of the scientists who had helped create him and the others.

2133, the population of what the beings are now referred to as "Avian Beings" grows to 530, due to reproduction.

2166, Yuri's death at the age of 135 (Which became the guideline for these being's life expectancy), the population of avian beings, booms to new heights at two thousand.

2179, Without Yuri, many rules and restrictions started being passed on the avian beings until they were pushed into gated communities, segregation was steadily making a comeback.

2190, a new type of sickness, named "Avian Influenza" ran rampant throughout the countries, knocking their population down to three thousand, from what had been 6,000.

There were rumors that human scientists had created this breed of flu to create a more manageable number of these beings to work with.

2200, A new type of slavery begins, avian beings are nothing more than servants in households- or attractive pets for the wealthy.

2245, another flu, strike, this one becoming extremely dangerous to both humans and avians due to the sickeness's ability to mutate, and avians' relation to humans. both populations take a tumble.

2266, Both populations are at the same range. Three million for both species.


Avian beings have similar ethnicity to humans, there can be many different appearances for these beings to have. They can be pale, freckled, dark skinned, what have you

Avian beings were usually created with the zygots of birds, usually from the parrot family. (Look at the link), you can have mixed heritage of birds

Avians are similar to humans, yet there are differences, such as the different eye colors, the wings (Which usually are quite an impressive size, compared to their overall height- usually wing spans range from six feet to nine), as well as their organ and bone structure. Large pectoral muscles, a larger heart than that of a human, and their lungs and windpipe are more similar to those of a birds- all for the engineering to make flight easier. Sometimes, some avians have a small patch of downy-like feathers on their chest, sometimes tail feathers have been reported. Their unique structure requires medical professionals who know how to work with their bodies. Vets work in a pinch though.

Avians do not give birth to live young, they lay eggs, which hatch after about three months.

Their life expectancy is longer than humans, and their intelligence is also higher- though due to their high IQ, they can get bored with learning if it isn't at a pace they require- another reason why special schooling is required

EXTRA INFO (Will probably be added to along the way as well)

*The avian population and the human population are highest in the US, China, and England.

*There are still wealthy people and now there are wealthy avians too, as well as poor people of both species.

*Slavery of avians isn't entirely looked down upon, but nor is it discouraged

This RP takes place in the year 2268, all systems of money are slowly losing power to those who don't have enough. Bartering is encouraged. This is an apocalyptic setting, where you either struggle to make enough money to live by, or you live comfortably in a nice setting

I'd prefer if the posts for this RP are at least a good 4-6 paragraphs long, though I won't be too strict about it. Be creative, have fun. Use grammar, no god-modding. The usual rules that I'm sure you're all used to.



Name: (Obvious)
Age: (Life expectancy for humans is around 95-105 now and days, life expectancy for Avians is 100-135)
Species: (Put human or Avian) *If avian, look up the types of birds that are out there. Parrots, Raptors (Birds of Prey), Corvidae (Crows, ravens, jays, ect)
Gender: (Obvious)
Height: (Obvious, though Avians aren't very tall, due to their unique bone structure which is hollow for flight, usually around 4'0-5'8 at most)
Weight: (Obvious, though Avians also aren't very heavy)
Appearance: (Obvious-pictures aren't discouraged or required, either explain or show what your character looks like!)
Personality: (Obvious)
History: (Give me some backround to your character)
Wealth/Status: (Poor/middle class/wealthy/slave)
Name: Zaria Teesa
Age: 29
Species: Avian, White-eyed Buzzard
Gender: Female
Height: 4'9
Weight: 96 lbs
Appearance: Like the bird that helped create her, Zaria has white irises and brown hair and brown wings, her wingspan is 7'5, and she's got a slight, waif-ish figure. She has pale skin and a small amount of freckles are dusted over her cheeks and nose and shoulders.
Personality: She's got spunk and attitude, thinks highly of herself, outspoken
History: Zaria is a bit of a historian for the Avians- having learned from her father. She has followed the transgressions, mistakes and battles of time, and finally thinks that its time to fight for Avian rights. She's a bit of a charismatic dreamer and still has a lot to learn. Her idol is Yuri, who she believed would have been able to keep things straight if he had lived a little longer.
Wealth/Status: Poor

There, first char, there's an example for ya

The story and point of this RP is the struggle for freedom and the struggle to be seen as equals to others, and dealing with the troubles of both sides of the fight. There will be fighting, arguing, possible violence, and many other themes that run through this RP.
Name: Tyta Horreum
Age: 20
Species: Avian, barn owl
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Weight: 103 lbs
Appearance: Tyta has snowy white skin, black eyes and a mixture of differently shaded browns in her hair. Her wings are brown with spots, like a barn owl's, and reach about eight feet in length.
Personality: Tyta is curious, cunning and sarcastic, although her will is almost broken after years of slavery.
History: As a young child, Tyta became a slave. She hates whoever her parents were, believing they sold her for money. For almost her whole life she has been serving master after master, and has given up on the feeble fable of 'hope'.
Wealth/Status: Slave
Name: Tyler
Age: 27
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3
Weight: 182 lbs
Personality: Flirtatious, Sarcastic, Drunken, Energetic, Intelligent and Egotistical. Tyler is generally okay but he's a bit of douche sometimes but he generally means well. Tyler is often drunk and doesn't opperate properly without whisky. He loves women, food and beer. Although he seems like an idiot, Tyler was raised to be a gentleman. He is able to play the piano, do ballroom dancing and the rest of the stereotypical posh guy package.
History: Ever since the age of sixteen, tyler has worked for the Australian Military. Having won several medals for his service he now works for a more undercover operation with the Australian government as one of the C.I.A.
Wealth/Status: Wealthy
Nice nice! I like your character quite a bit!
Name: Joshua Han
Age: 28
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10
Weight: 146 lbs
Appearance: a0008326_4d7bc2cd41706.jpg
Personality: Joshua Han is a quiet man. Always keeping to himself unless with friends. Despite his quiet demeanor he is quite the party boy, though that doesn't mean he is some jerk. Quite the opposite in fact, he very respectful to anyone having been taught that way by his parents.
History: Joshua lived in China for most of his life with his parents. Once he was finished highschool he packed up and left for the USA figuring he would have more freedom there than at home. In school he excelled becoming a doctor at the top of his class, specializing in the avian body. He has owned avian slaves before but never treated them like a slave more like a servant, and occasionally paying them what he could.
Wealth/Status: Middle Class
I was going to ask you the same question lol. Yay! Mila-chan is here too! <3
Lol fine thank you o.o we are both playing guys this time. Lol.
That was purely by chance I wasn't even looking at other Character sheets.
Name: Sol
Age: 24
Species: Avian - Hyacinth Macaw
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 99 lbs

Appearance: Her wings are black underneath and a vivid cobalt blue on the top and her wings span stretches to about 7'8". In light her black hair gains a dark blue tint and her eyes are black.

Michelle Rodriguez.jpg HMacFlyBlkPri589.JPG

Sol is very good at switching to a personality that matches her situation but generally she is secretive, short tempered and has a tendency to get very cold yet Sol is passionate when interested and pursues what she wants until she gets it. She is very fond of dancing, both in air and on the ground, it gives her a sense of freedom she missed while being a slave and she dislikes having someone tell he what to do yet she isn't very used to give orders. Sol can however act as a servant, a well behaved lady, a scared girl or more of a thug, she has picked up a lot during her life and she uses it to reach her goal.

Sol was born into slavery, her mother had been a slave since her husband died and now Sol was too. She grew up without much education except what she learned herself, Sol studied her surroundings and learned to act in certain ways to avoid being scolded or hurt, in secret hating her forced work deeply but showing little of it to anyone. When she was around the age of seventeen her mother helped her escape, she was quite sick and wanted her daughter a better life and risking her own well being gave Sol the chance to escape the household of their master, living of the streets Sol learned the ways to gain money quick, stealing. She has not much money but she doesn't starve, often at least, and she prefers it this way, to be poor but free, she lacks a proper education though, she can write and read and knows the history of the Avians but not very much else though she learns very quickly. Sol's goal is to help the Avians become accepted equals to humans, in her eyes Yuki did a lot for them and now they should keep up his work, she doesn't quite know how yet though.

Awesome, awesome ^.^ So far so good.

So that's three avians and two humans so far. Lets see how this turns out.

I'm still accepting chars- I want to see a wide array of personalities, histories, writing styles and whatnot!

I'll have an IC up some time by the end of the week if I'm feelin better- I'm down with a bad sinus infection and one hell of a cough, but I'll try my best to start it at that time.
Name: Una Skizz
Age: 22
Species: Scissor-tailed Kite
Gender: Female
Height: 4'0"
Weight: 82 lbs
Personality: She is soft spoken and polite, not one for starting fights or conversations. She is still rather sweet though and friendly when around those she knows.
Born into blue collar family she has known hard work all of her life. Often times when she was little she would accompany her mother to a house where she would wait patiently as her mother did her job as a maid. As she grew older she slipped into the work of her parts, taking on jobs that most upper class people would gag at the thought of. Even so she worked hard and often saved instead of spent, ensuring herself a rather comfortable future...for now. At the moment she works as both a maid at a high end apartment complex during the week and a bartender on the weekends. In what free time she can spare she grows her own vegetables in a large planter box garden that her own apartment complex provides for those who wish to use them. Her plants currently dominate most of the garden.
Lower Middle Class
Awesome, I was hoping that you'd choose one of the kites that I showed you!